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Comment Re:Stay behind the line! (Score 0, Troll) 388

The whole reason for a protest is to go to jail.

What the fuck are you talking about? You only go to jail for protesting for two reasons:

1. Your protest is illegal, perhaps because your country bans protests, or you're intentionally trying to incite a riot.
2. You decided to be a dick and smash stuff up instead of just marching peacefully.

I think you've confused protest with coup.

Comment Of course it's all gone! (Score 1) 97

Syria: As you can see, we've gotten rid off all the chemical weapons.
UN: Great stuff, and I see you've redecorated this building too.
Syria: Yes, we decided the old place could do with a lick of paint or two.
UN: That curtain's new...
Syria: Oh erm, we had someone come do some Feng shui to allow the Chi to flow better...

Comment Mario on iOS (Score 3, Interesting) 277

Let's pretend for a moment that Nintendo was to make a Mario game for iOS. Would it be in full 3D like Mario 64, or a classic platformer like Super Mario 3?

Neither, it'd be an endless runner where you simply tap the screen to jump on Goombas and over gaps, because touch screens lack the control for anything more sophisticated.

Sure, there are games on the App Store that are fully fledged platformers, but are they any good? No, because (in my experience) your hands are covering 80% of the screen making it impossible to see what's actually going on.

If this is the future of gaming, you can count me out.

Comment Contact blocking (Score 1) 233

Blocking on a number is pretty pointless, unless you actually want to block a specific person. If you're wanting to block a spam SMS message, then you'll be out of luck since they're sent from throw away numbers (well, at least in the UK they are).

Comment iPhones are just too expensive (Score 3, Interesting) 420

I'm due for a phone upgrade soon, and I'm currently looking at whatever mid-range Android phone is the best value for money.

I have a good job, but I'm simply not willing to spend 40GBP a month on an iPhone (plus 200 upfront costs) when a 20 a month Android phone will let me make calls and check Facebook just as well.

If the iPhone 5C exists and is competitively priced, then maybe Apple will get back in the game, but at the moment, they're stumbling in the smartphone market.

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