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Comment Re:Not much worry with a source build (Score 1) 472

I use LastPass, and it's really helpful. However, they're based in the US, so if the NSA (or other TLA) really wants your data, then they can just pop round with a court order or a National Security Letter or a gun and demand access to all of your passwords.

Now, I assume that the NSA isn't interested in me, but I couldn't recommend Lastpass to someone who was worried about the government.

That said, there are several OSS password managers, or you could even just keep a text list inside a Truecrypt volume. One of those would be the more secure choice.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 202

Congratulations! +1 internet to you. What gave it away?

(no really, you should feel proud, reading the other comments it seems that a whole lot of people can't spot a joke even when it rubs ROT13 in their faces)

Comment Re:And the crucial details.. missing (Score 1) 607

Remember all the fuss about the US government using Huawei kit? Whether or not there is backdoors there for the Chinese, you can bet that part of the problem is that they refused to put backdoors in for the NSA. So, to make sure that there wasn't too many routers etc. out there that they couldn't access (and that might be backdoor'ed by the Chinese), they spread FUD about Huawei to make sure that they're not bought. Instead everyone turns to nice, "trustworthy", Cisco gear, and the NSA can has all your data.

Comment Re:Cant help you, give me your information (Score 4, Informative) 221

Ping time can geolocate? Within 10 feet. I'm about to piss on myself laughing. Ping is more determined by quality of network than distance, and varies according to the route each ping takes. You assumptions assume every route is the same, or is on a cell phone. They are not.

Go play network expert somewhere else, and get off my lawn.

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 221

Jesus Christ, the signal to noise ratio has gone insane at /.

In the US, the law is dictated by where the call is generated. Some states allow recording, some states do not, some states allow for "single party consent" (as along as ONE of the parties know) and some require notification before the call starts or beeping tones every $x seconds.

He called from outside of the US, so US law is irrelevant here.

Comment Re:Take it public (Score 3, Insightful) 266

Exactly, and I'm surprised people are arguing anything but this. Even for a report that you completely believe to be bogus, what time does it take to reply "hey, can I get more info?" Best case, it WAS bogus, and you never hear from the person again. You "wasted" all of 30 seconds. For a company like Facebook, that should be a trivial investment when the downside of an ACTUAL security problem is so bad. Assuming the report that they didn't reply in any way is accurate, then THIS is where Facebook fell down worst, and it's what is inexcusable.

Comment Re:Sugar Beet (Score 3, Interesting) 242

Yes, there's a world of difference between fresh beets and the canned garbage you buy. And there is another world of difference between 5-day-old beets you get in the produce section and beets you just picked from your own garden. Fresh beet juice isn't half bad, also.

Beets are easy to grow, and since they are in the brassica family (along with broccoli, collards, kale, etc..) the leaves are quite healthy for you (yes, broccoli leaves are good eating), and good in a salad, or cooked form. I didn't find out any of this until I started growing my own garden.

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