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Comment Re:Ahh, Pentium. (Score 2) 197

Let's see... if we stay just with Intel: 8086 4.7Mhz, 80286 (forgot the speed), 80386SX 20, 80386 33, 80486 DX2/66, Pentium 133, 233, Celery 350 (2, one overclocked to 400), P3 500ish, and a slew of Core X and iX chips, and my Xeon-fueled Mac Pros.

If we open it up to other CPUs, well, how much time have you got?

Comment Re:I can see where this is going (Score 2) 222

They left the binaries in RAM, so just a reboot would remove them. They also left a text file with contact info and an explanation in, and they didn't take data from the affected systems, they used the systems to probe other IPs.

There's not really a physical analogy that fits here but the only damage they did to each individual device would be to slightly raise it's power consumption and bandwidth usage. Insignificant to any individual, although it might well have added up to quite a lot.

Comment Simple stuff (Score 1) 635

I have a couple of exercise bands at my desk which I use when my hands are free. They don't take up much space, and you can get some with pretty decent resistance. You could also get a couple of ~8-10 pound exercise balls; tossing those from hand to hand can be a pretty decent light workout. Standard free weights are an option too. Honestly, you're just not going to get a lot of cardio in while at your desk. But you can do some light strength training and toning, which will help keep your metabolism up a bit if nothing else.

Comment Some existing suggestions (Score 1) 469

Rock Paper Shotgun have an irregular feature about Do's and Don'ts in games, including important points like:

"Do: agree to an industry wide standard on the location of save games. Save games are not a secret. They are not a treasure. They’re something most right-thinking people want to be able to preserve after a game’s uninstalled. They’re something many people need to get at when building a new machine, or simply continuing the game on another machine. They aren’t a DRM risk. We just want to know where our save games are, and we don’t want to have to trawl through seventeen different possible locations in the very bowels of Windows, trying to discern which lunatic name you’ve filed them under. When I install a game you let me choose the install location. Can you guess where I want the save games to go to? Here’s a hint. It’s not in C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Roaming\Documents\Programs\Features\Gardening\Knitwear\Publisher\Developer\GameName\Sausages\X34265\"

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 5, Interesting) 259

Actually, this is one form of copy protection that DOESN'T work. The fact is, I was all ready to buy the game. I actually buy all my games, haven't pirated one in forever. (I'm old, employed, $60 is no biggie).

Now I won't buy the game simply because I couldn't play it if I did, and I don't want a game that forces me to save games online, be online when I play, can't be played on an airplane or in the car, etc. And it will stop working once they get tired of hosting the servers.

I've bought every SimCity game ever made and many other sim games from Maxis. Paid money, not pirated. 1, 2k, 3k, 4, Societies, Sim Copter, even Sim Tower and The Sims 1 and 2, simant, simfarm, and so on. I just can't buy this in good conscience because I don't know if I will be able to use it like I wanted to. And that is sad, since I love their games. Maybe, just maybe, I will buy it if someone comes out with a cracked version, and just use the cracked version. I don't mind spending the money, I just don't like being treated like a criminal once I've given them the money. At least with Steam, I can play most games offline and on different computers.

Comment Re:As opposed to actual Model Ms which are still m (Score 1) 298

I own two Das's... they rock.

I recommend the blank-keyed "stealth" model. It not only keeps those without any computer skills away from your terminal (some people look at a blank keyboard, and literally don't know what to do), but they're also ideal for home. Mine keeps my non-touch-typist kids away from my computer.

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