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Comment Re:'Cause if there's 'legitimate rape' (Score -1) 1469

I don't get all this hubbub about "illegitimate rape" and what it means. It doesn't mean anything, because there's no such thing. Akin was using "legitimate" as an intensifier, not a qualifier. The opposite of legitimate rape isn't "illegitimate rape", it's consensual sex. What Akin meant was that if you got pregnant from a rape, it wasn't rape. You enjoyed it, you slut.

Actually, he now made clear what he really meant: "I was talking about forcible rape, and it was absolutely the wrong word."

Because "forcible rape" is the right word and now it all makes sense. Women who scream while getting raped don't get pregnant. Only women who are drugged or unconscious get pregnant - but still shouldn't be allowed to get an abortion.

Comment Re:Another overblown news story (Score -1) 1469

Yeah, the dude is a douche, no question. But even as someone totally opposite of probably everything he believes, I knew what he was saying was women forced to have sex vs those who lie about it afterwords. And what he thought might happen, as pointed out be earlier poster, isn't entirely unbelievable.

Which is a new sign of misogyny not yet mentioned: he actually believes that women claim to have been raped just so they can get an abortion. Sick Fuck he is.

Comment Re:Nice specs...but.... (Score -1) 683

Are you sure? Macs are usually able to take larger memory modules than were available at the time of release.

He probably bought a pre-Sandy bridge MPB just over a year ago. Pretty sad for a not-even-18-months-old line to be limited to 8GB, but that's Apple for you.

It must suck so hard to be you

Anyone in the market for one of Apple's new Thunderbolt-equipped 2011 MacBook Pros would be forgiven for thinking the machines only support up to 8GB (2 x 4GB) of RAM since that's what's listed on the tech specs and is the maximum build-to-order option available through Apple. However online store OWC says the new 2011 MacBook Pro models can actually support up to 16GB (2 x 8GB) and is selling the 8GB sticks you'll need to make it happen.

Comment Easy solution (Score -1) 573

Turn on Airplane Mode on the iPad (IOW turn of all networking). Copy the current version of iTunes and the Library to a different computer. Remove everything but the iOS backup and that one app. Don't ever connect that instance of iTunes to the internet. If your iPad breaks, only restore from that instance. Buy a handful of used iPads.

That way no update can wipe the app. No evil deathray from Apple can wipe it. And you're still a grand cheaper off than any alternative even after buying a new iPad (or whatever tablet you want) for the parents.

Comment Re:Shut up and take my money! (Score -1) 683

I find it difficult to imagine the average joe requiring 2880 x 1800 displays anyways

That's not the point of this display. It's to provide extremely high-quality images and text at roughly the same size (in e.g. inches) as on the 1440x900 display.

Go to Best Buy and look at the difference between the iPad2 and the iPad3 (or New iPad or whatever.) Go to a webpage and look at the text. If you see a difference, that's what they're talking about. If you don't see a difference, then the "Retina" display probably isn't for you.

Look at the pictures on that web page, see any difference, if you do your kidding yourself because they are at 72 dpi, the images will be not better quality with a retina display that with any other display.

Unless you are looking at a web page where the developer actually provides hi-res images for hi-res displays. Best demo is (who would have thought)

Comment Re:Thanks for the heads up, Apple (Score -1) 160

The problem is that they cannot go elsewhere without the quality of their product suffering immensely.

So you are saying that Apple uses only the very best parts, and that those happen to be build by Samsung, and that there is no chance that any other company can build them? Okay, the first part I can believe.

Comment Re:is this fixed? (Score -1) 110

Now go back all the way up to the first post where a question was asked, "can I run any software I want on my own device". Not with the app store, you can't.

Now go back to the post before the app store was first mentioned as a way to get around the limit that any app could be run by "only" 100 people. You know, where the claim that you couldn't run any app you want on an iPhone was disproven, and the goal post moving started.

Comment Re:Thanks for the heads up, Apple (Score 1) 160

If I were in charge of Samsung, I'd have had "supply difficulties" long ago, around about the time of each new lawsuit. It would be hard to prove a deliberate malicious reduction in supply, and furthermore, hard to say if that's in fact, illegal. Nobody is forcing Apple to use parts made by their primary competitor.

That would only result in Apple going elsewhere, and Samsung losing a lot of money and then suing Apple for being anti-competitive.

Comment Nothing to be seen (Score -1) 1

BBC report:

China Foxconn workers riot at Chengdu restaurant
Scores of workers from Foxconn, Apple's main manufacturer in China, have rioted after a dispute at a restaurant.
State media reported that the incident in Chengdu "was triggered by a conflict" between a group of workers and a restaurant owner.

Comment Re:A lot of words (Score -1) 311

It's the latter. You cannot sell your book cheaper anywhere than iBooks - it must be your cheapest price (or the same as everywhere else). Where I live, the government would call that a clear cut case of collusion, and they would get that contract clause smacked down so hard they'd be reeling for years. Not so coincidentally, Apple doesn't offer iBooks here.

I didn't hear you complain about Amazon having the exact same clause in their contracts for longer than Apple.

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