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Comment Re:Thanks for the heads up, Apple (Score -1) 160

The problem is that they cannot go elsewhere without the quality of their product suffering immensely.

So you are saying that Apple uses only the very best parts, and that those happen to be build by Samsung, and that there is no chance that any other company can build them? Okay, the first part I can believe.

Comment Re:is this fixed? (Score -1) 110

Now go back all the way up to the first post where a question was asked, "can I run any software I want on my own device". Not with the app store, you can't.

Now go back to the post before the app store was first mentioned as a way to get around the limit that any app could be run by "only" 100 people. You know, where the claim that you couldn't run any app you want on an iPhone was disproven, and the goal post moving started.

Comment Re:Thanks for the heads up, Apple (Score 1) 160

If I were in charge of Samsung, I'd have had "supply difficulties" long ago, around about the time of each new lawsuit. It would be hard to prove a deliberate malicious reduction in supply, and furthermore, hard to say if that's in fact, illegal. Nobody is forcing Apple to use parts made by their primary competitor.

That would only result in Apple going elsewhere, and Samsung losing a lot of money and then suing Apple for being anti-competitive.

Comment Nothing to be seen (Score -1) 1

BBC report:

China Foxconn workers riot at Chengdu restaurant
Scores of workers from Foxconn, Apple's main manufacturer in China, have rioted after a dispute at a restaurant.
State media reported that the incident in Chengdu "was triggered by a conflict" between a group of workers and a restaurant owner.

Comment Re:A lot of words (Score -1) 311

It's the latter. You cannot sell your book cheaper anywhere than iBooks - it must be your cheapest price (or the same as everywhere else). Where I live, the government would call that a clear cut case of collusion, and they would get that contract clause smacked down so hard they'd be reeling for years. Not so coincidentally, Apple doesn't offer iBooks here.

I didn't hear you complain about Amazon having the exact same clause in their contracts for longer than Apple.

Comment Re:Previous world war was fought over oil (Score -1) 764

Complete bullshit, WWII was a consequence of Hitler's actions.The US wasnt even involved in the war until 2 years in. This is a classic example of americanism - believing the world rotates solely around the US.

Neither Japan nor Germany had access to oil, and at least one goal of their (quite independent) wars was to gain access to it - and you call that bullshit because the US only joined the wars after 2 years? Now that is a classic example of "americanism".

Comment Re:bad news... (Score -1) 234

Actually, the question is "why does", not "why would".

Actually, the question is "what was the loud wooshing noise going over your head?"

Thanks for missing that the joke made much more sense after my change - whoosh indeed. It would seem you still don't have anything better to do than stalking me after your 16 month "hiatus" - that's how long you've been locked away, wasn't it? Obviously you don't have anything better to do, because you again have to recharge your Nexus after all that Flash in your pants.

Comment Re:Yea (Score -1) 347

At least they are. We all know companies that'd rather die than admit they were wrong.

Such as? I suspect that if you name a company or companies, people can point out similar things they backpedaled on.

Apart from several companies that have folded? How about Dell?

Comment Re:Problem (Score -1) 347

There are still interesting problems in not allowing to download or update any code. With the rise of jailbreaking iPhones and them running unsigned and modified applications (cracked and/or otherwise), there is no way for an anticheat system to update itself. All anticheat systems like Valve's VAC, PunkBuster and Blizzard's Warden rely on downloading updated code from the internet.

You mean instead of simply updating their code via the App Store? Oh right, that option doesn't exist on PCs.

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