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Comment Re:Previous world war was fought over oil (Score -1) 764

Complete bullshit, WWII was a consequence of Hitler's actions.The US wasnt even involved in the war until 2 years in. This is a classic example of americanism - believing the world rotates solely around the US.

Neither Japan nor Germany had access to oil, and at least one goal of their (quite independent) wars was to gain access to it - and you call that bullshit because the US only joined the wars after 2 years? Now that is a classic example of "americanism".

Comment Re:bad news... (Score -1) 234

Actually, the question is "why does", not "why would".

Actually, the question is "what was the loud wooshing noise going over your head?"

Thanks for missing that the joke made much more sense after my change - whoosh indeed. It would seem you still don't have anything better to do than stalking me after your 16 month "hiatus" - that's how long you've been locked away, wasn't it? Obviously you don't have anything better to do, because you again have to recharge your Nexus after all that Flash in your pants.

Comment Re:Yea (Score -1) 347

At least they are. We all know companies that'd rather die than admit they were wrong.

Such as? I suspect that if you name a company or companies, people can point out similar things they backpedaled on.

Apart from several companies that have folded? How about Dell?

Comment Re:Problem (Score -1) 347

There are still interesting problems in not allowing to download or update any code. With the rise of jailbreaking iPhones and them running unsigned and modified applications (cracked and/or otherwise), there is no way for an anticheat system to update itself. All anticheat systems like Valve's VAC, PunkBuster and Blizzard's Warden rely on downloading updated code from the internet.

You mean instead of simply updating their code via the App Store? Oh right, that option doesn't exist on PCs.

Comment Re:Samsung, set sails for fail. (Score -1) 156

I can see it now, in the board of directors meeting "Apple is printing money with these at $500, I bet if we double the price, we can make twice as much money!!!"

Gee, I would hope they aren't that bad at math - even Apple doesn't make a hundred percent profit. Even with a 33% margin for Apple, Samsung would make 4 times as much as Apple assuming same production cost.

Talking of printing: how's native printing on Android doing?

Comment Re:Hmmmm... (Score -1) 152

That has got to ... be the worst Shatner ... impersonation ever.

Wow! Noone's going to see your Shatner impersonation if you're posting at -1.

Why don't you try to get more karma? It's not hard.

Gee, good to see you crawl back from under your bridge after not posting for 4 months. Busy handling your many accounts?

Comment Re:How Does the Same Company Make iPods and iTunes (Score -1) 390

Look, you called them iDevices. This already is justification to lump you into a sub-group of people known as Apple Enthusiasts.

That has got to be the dumbest thing said in this thread so far - and that is saying a lot. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=idevice


Any otherwise "normal" electrical device that is rendered uber-cool simply because it was manufactured by Apple and they put an "i" in front of it. Typically, they do nothing that other maker's devices don't do but they are more expensive. iDevices breed iDouches.

Time to lump you into the sub-group of people known as Anti-Apple-Douches.

Comment Re:First they laughed at me. (Score -1) 271

But those aren't all my songs though, I have a lot of songs I got from CDs, Amazon MP3, free downloads from bands, etc. On the other hand I can do the same thing through my phone and get -everything- faster, plus, on any halfway modern OS, you don't have to install anything.

And you move them from one computer to the other you use your phone with a USB cable instead of any form of network. You are my hero.

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