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Comment Re:201 mph (Score 1) 226

I did 110 (according to the spedometer..maxed out) in an '87 CRX.

It's I-5, the name of the game on that road is get the fuck through to where you're going.

That's probably the number 1 road around to go all out. Nothing's there and it's flat as fuck.

If I had the time for scenery and curves, I'd be on the 101.

Comment Re:Bull$h!t (Score 3, Interesting) 1255

The American right wing is just pro-corporate and pro ruling class.

Not even American.

That's the definition of right wing in a political context.

That's why the examples of right wing we have to point to are Monarchy and Fascism/Nazism.

It sickens me no end that there are people living in America with the contempt for themselves and this nation as to actually describe themselves as right wing when our major defining wars (the revolution and WW1/2 were fought against the right and the right are always portrayed (and often actually are) complete fucking monsters.)

Comment Re: Extrapolation (Score 2) 362

But the BS here is that you have to hunt and look for where to do it.

There are so many "improvements" in the Mac OS that I simply want to GO AWAY. In many cases, you can't turn them off. Opening a folder in List View in the Finder by pressing the right arrow? It used to display instantly. Now, it cascades the content down in an animation that you can't turn off.

Just show me my fucking data as fast as you can, dammit! Stop stop stop animating EVERYTHING. Apple, if you INSIST on animating everything, at least let me TURN IT OFF or set the time to animate to NONE.

Comment Re:If by "looking good", you mean "looking like iO (Score 1) 362

So am I. There are so many annoying "animate everything" additions to the UI that you simply can not turn off. "Natural scrolling" isn't natural at all.

Look, an iOS device and a Mac are not and should not be the same thing. User interface metaphors must be different for these devices. We have different screen sizes, amounts of RAM, storage speed and size, speed of network connections and basic interaction methods.

The two devices IN NO FUCKING WAY should be merged into one.

This is a massive disservice to the users. Utterly massive.

Comment Re:How is that an "upshot"? (Score 2) 167

"Effectively"? It sounds like a $1 booking fee (operational fee per booking for the service provider) plus a percent of total service provided (i.e. miles). This means you get billed for using the service to get a cab ($1), plus they get a cut of the total transit mileage (10% fare). That seems fair and normal for this sort of business--I mean hell, pizza delivery services charge a fucking delivery fee that doesn't go to the driver as a tip, because they have to idle and coordinate drivers while paying them a wage.

Pizza delivery places don't take the delivery charge out of the tip. That's in addition to the tip. If Uber added the "10% of fare" and "$1 booking fee" directly to the pre-tip amount owed by the passenger, then that would be fair. Making the cab driver pay for the privilidge of having the service target his company is inappropriate.

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