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Comment Re:Impeach Obummer! (Score 1) 524

Obama specifically ran against them, but defends them publically now.

Dead fucking wrong.

Obama came out in favor of FISA courts prior to his first election to President.

That, specifically, is why I did not vote for him the first time. As he was a constitutional law professor, he knew for a fact that that was unconstitutional and his publicly stated support was a firm declaration that he planned on violating his oath of office before he was even elected.

Comment Keep it plugged in! (Score 1) 363

I learned this with my white MacBook.

Keep it plugged in.

You will use it sometimes when it's not plugged in, but for the most part, make sure it's plugged in when you're using it.

I tested my old white MB and the battery only lasted 1 year with one year of daily a "down to 20%" discharge and then a full charge.

I've been using my early 2011 MBP 17 with the "keep it charging, stupid" approach and the battery is still good for 2+ hours when unplugged, as long as I make sure to put Safari on standby when it's not in the foreground. Safari is a memory and processor pig to the extreme. Make sure to 1) not use it, or 2) use a script to set it and its child processes to be paused when in the background, or at least disable JavaScript when Safari is in the background.

Comment Re:Jobs vision was Eberharts vision (Score 1) 692

Jobs simply took the skeuomorphic interfaces a little too far. It's not a bad concept, but he pushed it to the bad area.

We need a sense of realism so we can relate to the item, but you can take the concept too far so that it's gratuitous and ends up taking away from the overall design.

That's what happened with the leather stitching and leather.

On the other hand, when the pendulum swings way too far the other way and then off on a diagonal, you have this ugly beast that is iOS 7.

Comment It's sad, but I agree. (Score 4, Interesting) 692

Here's why.

Disclosure: I've been using the Mac as my preferred platform wince 1985.

The recent releases of the Mac OS (post Snow Leopard) have been weird and much less useful. Everything is animated, you can't turn the animations off and often, you are forced to wait for the animations to finish.

This causes the UI to get in the way of productivity.

Many times the animations are distracting. Small, darty animations distract many and make them uneasy, since these are the same motions of a mouse or roach. These reactions are felt way before the human mind has a thought formed on what they have seen. It's a more innate reaction. The more you use the system, the more uncomfortable you get with it. And you can't turn them off.

Also, there has been this push to push UI metaphors from iOS on to the desktop. THIS IS TERRIBLE. On my 17" Macbook, in Lion, my scroll bars became the width of a quarter. How is this better than the previous OS? It isn't. Also, auto termination of apps, where the app isn't really auto terminated, but just the UI is? All to save 5 MB of RAM? I don't know about you, but I actually use my File: Open menu to open docs and when I can't tab to an app because it quit behind my back without my permission, I hate this.

iOS 7. OMG. Where to start? Simply by looking at the publicly released images, the design inspires "weak and feeble", with overly saturated (painful) colors against too much white. The functional gears Settings icon of the past has been replaced with a weak looking non functional design that can't work. It doesn't do anything. It's not connected to anything. It's thin and weak.

On this front, the initial releases looked terrible and were panned by many. Even the creator of the font that they used (Helvetica Neue) stated so. One terrible thing is that many elements that were buttons or tappable, used to have a button treatment that made the UI instantly more understandable since a button LOOKED like a button. Now, text is simply blue. Unless it's in another application and then it might be purple, or yellow. This is bad. This is a step back. This forces the user to guess more as to what is a clickable/tappable element and makes the elements harder to see. This isn't helping make an easier to use UI.

Sandboxing. This is the WRONG way to do security. I don't know what the right way is, but this is a royal PITA.

Devices. Gluing the contents to the case? So you can't even update your own machine? Even with the 2011 models, it's not rosy. Simply to replace the keyboard on my 17" MacBook will cost me 500 dollars. 500 damn dollars on a two year old Machine. Sweet mother of suck.

iTunes 11 shipped with a really easy to find data loss bug that cost me 6000 archived podcasts.

There may be some great engineering going on under the hood, but all I've seen coming out of Apple since Snow Leopard have been substandard OS releases that are slower than Snow Leopard, with questionable features that do not make the Mac easier to use. Even the look of the new software is not what it once was. Look at iTunes 11 (fugly) vs. iTunes 10 (crisp).

And no more 17" MBP? Look. We're all getting older and cramming more pixels into a smaller space isn't going to make the screen easier to read.

Airdrop? Who cares! Give me a FAST UI that doesn't burn my eyeballs off.

I'm really upset with the direction Apple's taking. Snow Leopard was the last release that I could use to get work done and from the publicly released photos of iOS 7, I'm sadly counting my days as a Mac user.

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