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Submission + - Ask Slashdot - can you install a real OS (Android/Linux) on MS Surface hardware? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I really need a tablet, and I really don't want to re-enter the MicroSoft universe. I haven't used an MS OS since Vista, yet the Surface seems to be sweet hardware. Can you install Android or Ubuntu on a Surface and still use the necessary parts of tabled architecture?

The Google tablet doesn't have access for using an SD chip, which is its major architectural flaw to me, not to mention the problem recharging many users report.

What's the real answer to a tablet to travel overseas with?

Comment Re:So what... (Score 1) 101

Speaking as a Canadian, if a telemarketer from the US calls a Canadian phone, they have to abide by Canadian laws regarding the phone call as should be described in our trade agreements for doing cross-border business. Sign up for the Canadian Do Not Call Registry. It works.

Comment What a short memory. Remember the ozone hole? (Score 1) 365

'we, human beings, would be able to change what He is doing in the climate.'

Well, I guess he completely forgot about Chlorofluorocarbons and how their creation and use by us created the Antarctic ozone hole?

So, for anyone who insists and can't fathom that our actions could possibly have an effect on something as large as the atmosphere, All they need to do is set their Wayback Machine to 1985, when this was discovered and reported in 1985.

How can people's memories be so short?

Comment Re:easy, (Score 1) 393

"I'm not a billionaire, but..." I'm not a billionaire, so I don't care what happens to them.
"I don't have a uterus, but..." I have a body, and I support a person's choice how to treat their own body.
"I'm not gay, but..." I can make choices, so I support a person's choice.
"I'll never be under-age again, but..." Haha! You're old! (me too, but meh. Get off my lawn and I'll get off yours.)

Stop telling people what they should value. Either they're smart enough to figure it out, or your high-and-mighty attitude is going to antagonize them into the position opposite of yours. Or they just won't change because they just don't care.

Comment A blocker perhaps? (Score 1) 44

Can we bring up and roll out a kevlar fabric style large mesh device that will orbit in front of the station at a far enough away distance so as not to obscure the field of view and act as an absorber of some of these floating objects?

The idea is that it could be unfurled, catch items and when it is degraded enough, it is deorbited and crashes down into an ocean.

Submission + - Nasty Security Flaw Affects 99% Of Android Devices (

chicksdaddy writes: A security researcher claims to have uncovered a flaw in the Android security model that leaves almost all devices running the mobile operating system vulnerable to attacks and malicious software.

Jeff Forristal, the Chief Technology Officer at Bluebox Security posted a description of the flaw on Wednesday. It affects Android devices running any version of the OS released in the past four years, starting with Version 1.6 (codename: “Donut” ) – a population of nearly 900 million devices. Discrepancies in how Android applications are cryptographically signed and then verified by Android allow a malicious attacker to modify the application package file (or APK) code without breaking the cryptographic signature.

The implications of the flaw are huge. A malicious application installed on a vulnerable Android device could access any data stored on the device, depending on the application's privileges. Speaking to The Security Ledger, Forristal said that, despite his finding, he believes the Android core OS has a strong security architecture. “Where things start to fracture is all of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customizations and add-ons.” OEMs like handset makers operate “under a ‘get to market’ paradigm (more) than a ‘build it secure’ paradigm,” he wrote.

Submission + - New Study: How Copyright Makes Books and Music Disappear ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A new study of books and music for sale on Amazon shows how copyright makes works disappear. The research, available at is described in the abstract: "A random sample of new books for sale on shows three times more books initially published in the 1850’s are for sale than new books from the 1950’s. Why? A sample of 2300 new books for sale on is analyzed along with a random sample of 2000 songs available on new DVD’s. Copyright status correlates highly with absence from the Amazon shelf. Second, the availability on YouTube of songs that reached number one on the U.S., French, and Brazilian pop charts from 1930-60 is analyzed in terms of the identity of the uploader, type of upload, number of views, date of upload, and monetization status. An analysis of the data demonstrates that the DMCA safe harbor system as applied to YouTube helps maintain some level of access to old songs by allowing those possessing copies (primarily infringers) to communicate relatively costlessly with copyright owners to satisfy the market of potential listeners.

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