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Journal Journal: Merry Christmas -- $$$$$exyGal

It's not the new year yet, but it seems like a good time to give thanks.

Long story short, I've had a good year. Great job, short commute, and dating again. I've become focused, but with great flexibility. I'm not sweating the big stuff, or the small stuff. The good stuff is in the middle.

May your holidays be commercial-free,


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Journal Journal: Trollback for November 2003 12

Stop gouging yourself on leftover turkey, assmasters!

Rusty is a trollback fan

Trollback has many spies, and some of the more pallid, greasy ones keeps a close eye on IRC. One of our spies managed to unstick his keys long enough to alert us to this:

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Journal Journal: Trollback for October 2003 9

Assmasters of the universe!

It is nearly 400 years since Guy Fawkes was hanged, drawn, and quartered for attempting to poison the Queen of England. Once you've tired of celebrating his memory in the traditional way, why not come inside and treat yourself to the October 2003 edition of Trollback?

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Journal Journal: Trollback for September 2003 5

Fellow Assmasters,

Welcome to September 2003's Trollback!

That's right, trollback is actually on time this month, and with another great list as well. As will be expected by trollback's readers, rkz's repost of xprt's gem takes the cake this month. For the sake of completeness, trollback would like the URL to the original post on k5 posted in a comment in this journal. Thanks in advance.

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Journal Journal: Trollback for August 2003 9

Friends, Romans, Assmasters

Welcome to Trollback for August 2003. Trollback is sorry that this publication is consistently late. If it is any consolation, you can rest assured that the list this month is great. Congratulations to all involved.

The Slashdot Submission Life cycle

Some of you might be wondering what the life cycle of a rejected slashdot submission is. This explains all.

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Journal Journal: Trollback for July 2003 5

Greetings Assmasters

Its the middle of August - the obvious time for a July Trollback!

Group hug and honourable mention

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Journal Journal: Can the blind see? 30

Xerithane left me a very interesting comment a few weeks ago. Here's a blurb:

For instance, I suffer from a moderately rare eye condition. I will go blind for 3+ hours if I'm exposed to bright light for more than a few minutes. It's like a goths wet dream. When it first happened I was probably 12 or so, and the whole time I sepnt trying to think what blind people saw suddenly made sense.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot Oldtimers? Are there more archives? 21

Just for fun, I decided to peruse the really really old Slashdot stuff to see how everything started. Maybe I'd find quiet thoughtful debate about the HTML CENTER tag (1995?) ? Or maybe some lively debate regarding the plot of "Good Will Hunting (1997)" ?
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Journal Journal: The Evolution of Compassion 14

My Theory of Evolution - Scenario #1: "Now"

By chance, one trait is introduced into the genome of a specific individual living thing. If the trait is immediately advantageous over those of the same species who do not possess the trait, then the trait will very likely be passed along to future generations. If the trait is immediately undesirable, then the individual will be rejected by its peers and will be unable to pass along the new trait. This is called evolution.

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Journal Journal: Trollback for June 2003 7

Greetings trollback followers.

Trollback is sorry that this edition of trollback is more late than normal. You may rest assured that, as yet, trollback has not had a positive home pregnancy test.
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Journal Journal: A serious topic: Why men masturbate. 54

Ok, so I came across this article on Yahoo News, and the obvious conclusion hit me right in the eye. Evolutionarily speaking, men who masturbate have an advantage over men who do not masturbate. The article does not suggest my conclusion, but it seems obvious from the facts given. Here are some facts/quotes given in the article:
  • Men with low sperm counts can si
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Journal Journal: Thanks and meat. 98

Thank you so much for all of your comments and suggestions last week. It was important for me to write out those thoughts. Occasionally, my brain repeatedly dances around a topic over and over again, and the only way to finally tackle the issue is to force myself to coherently write it all out. Writing out those thoughts here on Slashdot was an opportunity for me to quickly garner feedback from all you smart folks. I'll post similar thoughts in the future.
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Journal Journal: My secret personal thoughts... 55

Nothing silly and nothing sexy this week. I've been on vacation for the last week or so, and haven't been anywhere near a computer. It gave me a lot of time to think.

I'm going to post some of those private (but probably boring and definitely depressing) thoughts in here, because I want to talk about them, but I'd rather not complicate my real life by talking about them to people I know (that's a long sentence). That's enough introduction... here's my thoughts.

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