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Comment Horsecrap (Score 1) 473

The reason why interviews get harder and the technology on thier resumes is outdated is because you stayed at a company believing they would take care of you to retirement. These high tech companies love young people to work for them.
1. First job for most
2. They will work crazy hours to get the job done to prove thier worth
3. They think the company will recognize that effort (most times very very little)
Young fresh meat is the life blood of these hightech start ups.

What I have learned is, if your skills are not improving or your position is stagnat with no forward growth you fix that by putting your resume out there to find that ideal position. Nobody cares more about you but YOU.

To stay at a job with no growth financially and skillwise is professional suicide. Don't blame anyone but yourself because if you don't invest in yourself you are put out to pasture or rather the unemployment line.

I work for a living! I don't live to work for companies who don't invest in their technology.
This is technology baby! This ain't fast food! and if you don't feed the baby you end up with outdated gear and low and behold old skills!

As Sam Kennison once said "MOVE!,
Nothing grows here!

Comment Oh he many uses (Score 2) 196

How shall we count them?

Traffic reporting
Speeders/ Speed traps Hey someone has to pay for Maintenance, Fuel and Pilot for this thing!
Forestry service
Fire fighting
surveillance (Abuse of powers, Gonna happen)
Night vision, Infrared/Thermal imaging
Knock, Knock! Who's there!? Search Warrant!
BOOM! precision guided munition right into your toilet.

Let's not forget alien Centipedes for Senator assasinations.

Comment Spying, Pffft (Score 2) 122

Everytime I hear a story about the Chinese spying I want to smack the shit out of someone. The U.S. has caused itself so much harm in the outsourcing of every fing thing ever manufactured. The outsourcing of Electronics manufacturing is by far the most damaging thing the U.S. and companies who have looked for cheaper and lax regulatory laws on everything from pay scale to EPA violations.
I won't even get into the discussion of Labor Unions.

I don't want to hear anymore stories about Chinese spying. They have infiltrated just about everything in the U.S.

Where is most of this high tech computer security gear manufactured? Cisco gear is all made in China and don't think they don't have spies working in those other factories that are strewn all over Asia.
The U.S. ships all our used comuter gear all the way to China and then they have people removing the chips and sorting them and then reselling them to other companies namely U.S. contractors who are cheating the system and selling off the shelf chips as hardened components to be used on military systems.

China has taken a 20 to 30 year jump in just military technology alone. They have done this in less than 15 years. Thier submarines, thier Aircraft and now thier Satellitle technology is on par if not better than U.S. systems.

No More Spying Stories!

Comment Re:About fucking time (Score 2) 523

He is in the military court system. Been a part of it and cases usually take 1 to 2 years to even start to process. I love when people mouth off about speedy trials, they don't even have a remote clue as to how it works in the military.
He had access to sensitive information. he became some sort of conscientious objector.
When you serve in areas where top secret correspondences are being passed arround, just because you have a top secret clearence doesn't give you the right to read the communications. he barely left his whatever small town and now he has a top secret clearence and now he decides that the world is an ugly place and he is going to do something about it. As yoda said 'Ahh the inocence of a child" unfortunately what he did could have caused more damage than good. I suppose everyone wants him to run for the President of the U.S. because we all know his worldy experience and bleeding heart innocense will keep the world safe and secure. Stupid child.

Comment IT is not fast food (Score 1) 533

Here is the problem with some businesses. They treat IT like it's fast food. There is also a certain race of people (I have worked for 2 companies and they think the same thing, I am trying to leave the one I am with now) who think they can run business systems until the wheels fall off and then pin the hopes on their IT professional who has everything in his head and nothing written down except IP addresses. I managed to walk into a ball of bailing wire and a 1 and half hour pass down of 4 years of knowledge. Awesome!

They overwork their IT person with wearing all hats and then they wonder why he left. He is lucky if he can take long weekend vacation without someone calling him or something failing Sunday morning at 3:00am. 2 week vacation? Out of the question!

I work for a living, not live to work and to carry my laptop with me 24x7 is indicative that they don't or won't hire additional IT support or their systems are held together with duct tape and glue.

As I walked in the door the former desktop support guy is building an off the shelf server with an ASUS motherboard that probably has had it's last run of 5k of them manufactured. I sure hope I am out of there when that thing fails because the chances to getting that same motherboard is nill to none.

Running a company on off the shelf components is dangerous and stupid and if you work for a company who does that sort of thing then you should prepare to walk.

Having current support contracts on all your gear is super important, its' cheap insurance and well worth the price you pay for it.

Comment Is this really something special? (Score 2) 171

Seriously this is the same sort of stuff Car stereo installers have been doing for years. Modifying consoles to imbed electronics.

Now I can see maybe doing this to an artifical arm may affect structural intergirty but is this really special? It's just a phone imbeded into a plastic arm.You can now make phone calls with one hand, but I guess having it there in your arm is rather convenient.

Comment Don't do it (Score 0) 369

Social media sites are just plain wrong. But if you feel you have a need to tell the world that your pet cat fluffy is missing more power to you.
When the government comes knocking on your door with a search warrant you as a company (facebook) will most likely cave in to the big bad pressure and by the time you fight your right to privacy in court they will have created multiple copies and no apology.

Whatever you place on the net.
Whatever data you wish to turn over to any company
Can and will be used against you in a court of law and you will most likely lose.

Keep trusting other companies to keep your secrets. They are Oh so willing to fight for your right to privacy. NOT

Comment Average? (Score 1) 615

As I see more and more job postings and the reqirements to be a programer, a DBA, Windows server expert with just about every microsoft product, a Linux expert, a Cisco expert, PBX expert and doing desktop support for a measley 65k.
The skill level required to soley manage a companies IT dept along with the BS politics does not even come close to what IT admins should be making.

Let's add up the above experience. Hmm looks like 400k a year to manage all that. So let's be realistic because we all know no company won't even come close to that. 100K EASY! that should be the average IT admins take home pay.

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