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Comment Re:How great (Score 1) 394

Yeah, they'll probably get shut down. And I too look askance at the firm's claims.

On the other hand, FDA's constant ass-dragging (largely a bureaucratic procedure to protect themselves from criticism) means in the future rich people'll be going to China/India for similar treatments, as they already are for certain U.S.-invented cancer treatments that never could get approved here (thinking Onyx-015, but there are dozens of examples).

Patients of this firm should be well-informed of all risks, and allowed to go for it should they so choose; screw your paternalism. /And no drug testing beyond Phase II. //I know, I know, FDA halted thalidomide, saving hundreds. And how many hundreds of thousands have died in the extra years it takes for cancer-fighting biologics to hit the market, after such products had shown efficacy?

Comment Re:Not seeing it. (Score 1) 491

I can speak to the Chinese real estate bubble. It's--insane.

My wife (from China) and I bought an "apartment" (what we'd call a condo) for her parents five years ago in a suburb just on the outskirts of Shanghai, but on the light rail line. Price was 400,000 yuan (around $60k). Her parents are older, it was a much cleaner location for her father to live, better access to medical care, and so forth. This was 2004.

Cut to today, that apartment is (supposedly) worth 2 million yuan, ($300k, approximately), after 5 years. I've visited the community, it's nice, her father seems happy, mother slightly less so (it's hard for her sisters to make the trip on Shanghai transit), but enjoying running water and good electricity and things--the community lies within, in some ways, a Potemkin village.

Even better, several of the units in the 20-condo building with her parents, that's supposedly soaring in value, are vacant--one basement apartment was being used for storage for what appeared to be a convenience store.

Now, far as I'm concerned, the place is secure and not an investment. We're not going to sell or rent it, and when the inevitable crash comes, won't be a problem--but what I hear is driving sales of residential real estate is overseas Chinese buying up tons of properties on spec, even as real wages for much of China are actually declining.

(We're already in cool story, bra! territory, but 30 years ago my father had a similar experience buying a place for elderly New England relatives to stay in Lawrence, MA--huge spike in value, then prodigious decline, and, sadly, arson, after he'd sold.)

Comment Re:Dodgy statesmen (Score -1, Flamebait) 681

No, you entirely misread the point because you decided to be a partisan moron instead.

Funny, on rereading the only partisan moron I see is the one screeching "Bu..bu..BUSH!".

Whihc isn't me.

Even more funny is how you ASSUME I'm partisan for hating a lame childish debate tactic that has made political discourse absolutely worthless. Funny how you HAVE TO assume I'm partisan so my criticism of your post can be dismissed, when the reality is I DESPISE the tactic and it's effect on discourse, which has exactly fuck all to do with my political ideology.

I hated it just as much when it was "Bu..Bu..Clinton go this dick sucked" but you don't know that. Because you ASSUME people who call your stupid political trolling what it is, stupid political trolling are AGIN YA, cause you don't have the intellectual ability to think beyond "if they ain't fer us, they's agin us".

Grow the fuck up.

Comment Re:Felonwii or misdewiinor? (Score 1) 251

We know because there is a camera there. Also, picking up a Wii controller and bowling a couple frames does not suggest that the same officer planted drugs or stole money from the alleged (you're welcome Mickey) criminals. The burden of proof is not on the officer to say he DIDN'T do those things. The burden is on the alleged (you're welcome Mickey) criminal to prove that he wasn't dealing the drugs they found (or didn't find - you're welcome Mickey) in the home.

Comment Re:Time to move up (Score 1) 195

I must be weird. I have 2x 1920x1200 resoluton monitors at home, and feel worthlessly cramped at work with a 1440x900 and 1280x800 (laptop) setup at work.

But then again I do have 20/10 vision, so that may help. I remember about 10 years ago when I had a 19" 1600x1200 monitor. And it died about 4 years ago, and took me about 2 years after that to replace it for something with similar resolution.


Comment Re:Think of Barcodes (Score 1) 600

Palm designed their Pre so it can not identify itself to the computer as a Pre, and thus it is impossible to create ANY software that is 100% compatible.

Patently false. The Palm Pre originally claimed to be an iPod manufactured by Palm. Real iPods have Apple's vendor ID.

Hell, the whole reason Apple was able to make the Pre not sync with iTunes anymore was because it was able to identify it as a Pre (or "not-an-iPod", anyway).

The "Pre [that] can not identify itself to the computer as a Pre" only came after Apple deliberately broke compatibility with the one that could – for no other reason than because it did, and they could.

Comment Re:Reading some comments (Score 1) 625

I can't remember my password, and honestly I'm too peeved to bother retreiving it at the moment.

Yes, our Freedom of Speech can be used against us in a court, or abused by corporations or media outlets, however that does not make it a bad thing. It simply makes it an easy thing to exploit and abuse.

As far as it being inappropriate to use the Nazi symbol in media; well maybe it is in bad form, and maybe it makes some people uncomfortable, but it's a bit of history. One which affected the world, not just Europe. The Nazi laws in Europe are significant, but they're also oppressive and insane. To say a country is so scarred by a piece of history that it has to ban a symbol in order to protect people from being sad, uncomfortable, or in Germany's case for feeling remourseful is downright ridiculous. Grown ups, as you say, should be able to handle whatever flow of emotion comes from viewing these symbols, and should also be able to say for themselves "I'm not comfortable with this, I'm not going to purchase this game". It shouldn't require action from any government to say "no we can't have that, it might upset people who were/are affected by that bit of history".

Stop pretending that Europe is so much more enlightened than the US. Stop pretending that being a country that was invaded in some way makes you (who are very likely not even old enough to have been a twinkle in someone's eye when Nazy Germany invaded Europe) an expert on how that feels, or what it's like. Fair money says you weren't there, you weren't a part of it, and you can't REALLY sympathize with it anymore than someone from a different country can.

FYI This was me.

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