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Comment Waterfox (Score 1) 209

Good news. Even if it doesn't result in 64 bit final products soon it should provide more material for the Waterfox project to develop upon. As long is there is developer support from Firefox for the 64bit the onus is on the developer advocats of 64bit computing to prove that it can show a significant enough performance enhancement to be taken seriously and pushed to mainstream.

Comment Re:Scare quotes (Score 4, Insightful) 537

I do have to wonder, though, where can we draw the line where stupid things like this don't happen to innocent people, but that real terrorists can't take advantage of those lines.

There is no such line, and I think that most Americans will agree that the one that has been drawn is much more in favor of stupid things like this happening to people than we would like to settle for.

    The important thing to remember is that security is far from free - and the TSA continues to exclusively prove that the dollars being spent on its services only put people at greater risk by diverting funds from more effective investments.

Comment boo-yah (Score 1) 213

A. So who wants to email Crystal Cox with an expensive offer to have this slashdot article removed in order to protect her reputation?

B. Crystal Cox is a good name for a very high end line of dildos

C. Have you seen this person's website? It only manages to make you hate her more (enough so that you stop caring about the fact that she is also completely mentally ill).

Comment Phone with To Do App (Score 1) 300

I suppose it depends on your field and the nature of the conference, but I think that most of the time you can distill some take home key points and some "things to look up" in just a few short lines. When I attend a conference or lecture, I open my To Do app on my smartphone and just jot a few short items: IE - Newton talk 8/11 - Force=massxaccl. wiki this later or []look through old thruster data - were the forces equal AND opposite?

Adding things to my to do list forces me to attend to them at some point and also forces me to be concise and selective about what I choose to write down - resulting in a good signal to noise ratio.

Comment Re:The good old days... (Score 1) 388

More importantly we decided to accept the TSA and the cost of housing all of their employees to bump around the airport, airport security upgrades, and the cost of lost time due to increased airport inefficiency. All of these costs get passed on to the airliners too. Cuts are made in your legroom and your tv dinner.

Comment Re:More impressive: (Score 2) 112

"and some way to maintain uniform fog distribution in a room."

  I know some college buddies who have actually figured out how to do this- completely inadvertantly mind you. The fog itself in their case also has the added effect of neuromodulation-making a room full of people actually impressed (if not downright giddy) about 10 projectors sitting on the floor showing a cruddy light show.

Comment Re:The 1% are insulated (Score 1) 1799

The change you'd see is you'd be 90days short of stuff you wanted/needed and some of the people that made that stuff that you wanted/needed might not be around anymore to provide it when you were done with your spending hold ended. However, that's assuming everyone drank the koolaid and participated in a spending hold. I'm in full support of you trying to organize this though - if enough people participate I'm going to capitalize on the shift in supply/demand and buy all sorts of stuff on the cheap. I'll sell it back to you at mark-up when your 90 days are over.

Comment expects (Score 1) 349

If they expect to lose this many customers, they must also expect to gain enough of a profit margin from the price hike that they can afford to lose this many customers. It's not like they're standing under a bridge and expecting it to fall on them - they are electively changing the prices. This is assuming that a rabid monkey hasn't taken over the management of Netflix, which is not an unreasonable hypothesis given their bizarre adherence to their horrendous new interface despite an overwhelming sentiment of repulsion from their user base.

    The idea of even offering plans that are essentially equivalent to cutting a video store in half arbitrarily is so viscerally unappealing - it is just a setup for competitors to step in. The sooner the better - good riddance netflix.

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