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Comment Wouldn't do it (Score 1) 395

I wouldn't do it. Do anything the boss is interested in (stealth startup perhaps?)... and they will try to claim rights on the data and make a huge mess. Boss suspicious your moonlighting, doing anything that violates company policy (selling trade secrets).... again will try to claim rights. Will end up in court in front of a judge who couldn't turn on a computer himself and it will be corporate lawyers vs. whatever you can afford. Not to mention if the company goes under... will creditors assessing what hardware assets the company has consider this hardware theirs or yours? Just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. At the very least there's a potential for legal bills. Totally not worth it.

Comment Fake your UserAgent (Score 1) 699

I got around this by faking the UserAgent... the client is generally for Windows laptops. Linux and Mac OS X were exempt. While a Mac guy, I had a Windows Laptop... so fake the useragent, and bypass the stupid app. It registered my MAC address, and I was good for the semester. Simple as can be. You can call tech support and ask how to get a BeOS computer on the network. See what they tell you.

Comment So do I (Score 1) 212

I'm starting to think these reports are just agencies who want to feel special. Is getting your ports probed anything special? My home network constantly has traffic from viruses and bots trying to propagate over the internet. Servers constantly having some script kiddie trying to get in via ssh. Does that mean I (and every other /. member) is as important as the DoD and NYPD?

Comment These services are fun to abuse (Score 1) 315

Pro tip for fun: 1. Do your homework in advance. 2. Post your paper online at several websites (sign up for free webspace if you need). Make sure your name is on your homework! 3. Submit to search engines. 4. Hand in paper 5. Let teacher freak and accuse of plagerism 6. Appeal the grade and point out your name is on the online work. The teacher is just trying to fail you. If they did their own research they would have seen your name. 7. Point out that sharing work is an academic rule not an exception. 8. Make sure the entire school knows about Teacher's shoddy work. 9. Profit?

Comment The problem here is no revenge (Score 1) 1079

Even if the case were to get thrown out... you can't go after the police, the school or the DA for something this stupid. You can only say "thank you". No recouping lost money, damages to hardware (since police routinely destroy things during "investigations"). He may however get a nice bill for "storage".

Comment Re:Rent-a-cops (Score 1) 1079

College campuses instituted the policy of "campus police" to keep their crime rates down. In most states they don't have to report crimes they handle themselves. If they have "security", they have to call the police if a student is raped, and that goes in the uniform crime report. If it's handled by school security, they can dismiss it as a hoax and it doesn't count. This is why college athletes are strongly encouraged to stay on campus. It keeps them out of trouble.

Comment Just Buy Quality (Score 1) 655

Quality counts. IBM is known for long lasting systems, and having a warehouse with every part for every damn thing they ever made. Lenovo's still got enough integration and legacy from IBM that this still seems to be the case. I've also got old Mac's. My last home server was a Beige G3, my current one is a B&W G3. I upgraded since I had the spare system and it had room for more drives. The beige was still running. That B&W G3 is now 10 years old. Parts most likely to fail are HD and fans/psu. All are easy to replace with generic equivalents even on old systems. Not even that much $$. Bottom line is buy quality. The parts that will most likely fail are the easy ones. It's the motherboard and CPU you care most about as they are most likely to become sparse.

Comment Some merit to LinkedIn... facebook? Not so much (Score 2, Informative) 474

There is some merit to LinkedIn. Keeping in touch with old business contacts, making new ones, whatever. It's pretty profession and despite a recruiter or two being an annoyance overall no biggie. Good place to showcase your experience. Facebook IMHO has no real business use. It's too difficult to separate business and personal. Your inviting people to judge you based on your high school buddy with a profile pic you'd rather your boss not see. There's really no good way to handle Facebook. Dual profiles are discouraged too. As a result my profile for years has been pretty empty, no friends and privacy settings turned up. Most people in your network are viewable provided you hookup your work address. Good way to look in on the facebook world without a care.

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