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Comment Re:Patent ware at the max ? (Score 1) 167

The problem with Socialism is Socialism.
The problem with Communism is Communism.
The problem with Capitalism is Capitalists.

ie - in every system you will have people who game the system to their own ends. Its just in communism and socialism, those who are not in a position to game the system will always be next to serfs while under capitalism, they still have a chance to succeed.

Comment Duh... (Score 1) 226

I work for a large corp whose own screw ups with lost un-encrypted PC has been duly noted here on Slashdot. It is corporate policy to encrypt every hard drive that is not locked up. With Win7 and bitlocker its simple to get encryption for 80%+ of normal users.

Comment Re:UNLEASH CAPITALISM (Score 1) 510

Franchise laws were needed 75+ years ago, but they are a archaic relic in today's world.


The problem with Socialism is Socialism. The problem with Capitalism is Capitalists. ie - in any system you will always have people gaming the system.

Comment Re:Fuck those greedy bastards. (Score 0, Troll) 510

How about some more facts (look 'em up).
When Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi took over congress, the deficit went from $500b to over $1T.
The 1.8 trillion deficit for Bush's last year was a budget signed by Obama and included such wise spending as the stimulus.
Obama said if we pass the stimulus unemployment would be under 6%. Unemployment is higher now then even the non-stimulus projections. And the reason why its only 7.9% is we have several million people who left the work force.
Under Obama, we have 50m+ people on food stamps.
Under Obama, we have more people going on disability (they don't count as unemployed btw) then getting a job.
Under Obama, we haven't had a federal budget in over 3 1/2 years; and according to you, that was technically Bush's spending.

Instead of parroting the usual liberal talking points, how about you start thinking for yourself.

Comment Re:Toddler Groping is Better than Rand Paul (Score 3, Insightful) 1051

Imagine if terrorists came to shopping malls during the Christmas shopping season with AK47s;

This would be less likely to happen in state such as Texas or Arizona where there are very liberal (ie right wing in this case) conceal carry laws. If one in twenty people are carrying a gun, your AK-47 rampage is ending very quickly.

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