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Submission + - Ducth Gamers fight real Soldiers in VBS2 (

jerry hopper writes: "My name is Jerry Hopper,
In my spare-time im a 'Gaming talk-show host' on a online radio station 'Sahrani Radio'.
With this Radio-show im informing and entertaining the community around 'ArmedAssault' a game by Bohemia Interactive Studios.
In the July edition of the Defensiekrant, a weekly publication of the Netherlands ministry of defence, an article surfaced on the use of commercial gaming applications as part of the courses at the Maneuver Instruction and Training Center (OTCMAN).

Just a few days later, a major dutch newspaper 'de Telegraaf' publicized the following news about research the use of games and in specific VBS2.

        The army uses war-games to prepare soldiers on a wide range of combat-situations.
        In attempt to research the best use of war-simulations within the dutch army,the 'Defense and Security' department of TNO organizes on 13 September a gaming contest.
        Five experienced civilian players will take it up against 5 trained military personnel, who play the game following 'army doctrines'. TNO Defense and Security is currently selecting volunteers for this contest on the Internet. The researchers want to see the essential differences of of both teams strategy, to see if they actually make different choices and learn from failures.

With so many similarities of Armed Assault and VBS2, i was determined to report this extraordinary event.
Armed with the event information, and a list of 'hardcore' OFP/ARMA players, i tried to get in contact with these researchers.

The FULL report of that event is available at :"


Submission + - Who are the three men hiding in Windows Vista?

Jafafa Hots writes: A buyer of Windows Vista has found a tiny holographic image of three men embedded in his Vista DVD. The original website is Spanish-language, and the Vista DVD in question may not be the U.S. version, but the question remains — who are these three men, and why are they on the disc? Cool photos on the page: 39498204

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