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Comment Re:New Constitution? (Score 1) 457

You're missing the point. Yes, some things are unclear. However, if the government cannot follow the clear portions of the constitution, if they persist in engaging in sophist and outright contradictory behavior with regard to those clear sections, then I submit to you that it is hopeless to expect them to behave simply on the instance of providing them with a new constitution. Hence, my assertion that the problem isn't the document. It's the government.

Comment New Constitution? (Score 1) 457

a new constitution

Wait. There are sections of the current constitution that are perfectly clear; the restriction on the government is explicit, and there are absolutely no outs offered. In spite of this, we have ex post facto laws, restrictions on speech, government establishment of Christianity, restrictions on keeping and carrying arms, across the board violations of search and seizure constraints, inversion of the commerce clause, torture, incarceration without recourse to or contact with anything other than the jailers... All this with a constitution that provides a simple mechanism for change when the people can be convinced such change is needed.

Clearly the problem isn't the constitution, or at least, it's not the fundamental problem. The real problem is our corrupt government.

Comment HP Hardware (Score 1) 385

Yeah, they tried to pull the "it's a software/OS issue" card on me, and that there were not any hardware issues. I had to point to their own damn site where there was an issue with this specific laptop before they'd even talk to me.
Then it became, "we're working on an update to fix the issue", which I assumed to mean a BIOS update of some sort.
The update was apparently just a patch so that Photoshop (which wasn't the app I was having issues with) wouldn't run into the issue, as a lot of people were using that particular model for photo-editing (17" screen etc).

So yeah, it took me pulling my records of when I first encountered the issue (within warranty) and then threatening legal action to get them to even support me without paying for the call. After that I was able to wrangle out a 1GB stick of RAM as an alternative to the dual 512MB's it had issues with. The laptop worked fine on a single - larger - stick of RAM.

Comment Re:Extrajudicial punishment. (Score 1) 457

Sure I can. I just can't think of any that are as appropriate or called for.

A quick look says he has a net worth of 67 billion dollars (and that's after we already taxed him, presumably, at about 35%.

A 95% tax on the remainder (which is harsher than what I actually was thinking, but easier to figure out) would leave him holding 3.35 billion dollars. I'm just going to go ahead and say that is, in fact, enough money for anyone. Keeping in mind that an actual 95% tax rate estimation would have to include what he's already been taxed, whatever that might be, and would leave him with considerably more.

But it was a good question. Since we're on it, I'll generalize: If I earn more, my tax rate should rise proportional to what I earn. It shouldn't be enough to prevent me from becoming filthy rich; but it surely should be enough to see that the country's infrastructure, medical care, and social safety nets are fully funded. Taxing the average schlub making just enough to support their family is destructive to the nation and to the society it supports. Tax the rich; See to it that the poor are fed and housed. Don't make people who aren't poor, and aren't rich, poor. Don't make the rich un-rich. Pretty simple idea.

Comment Re:Confessions Of an Ex-SLASHDOT BETA user (Score 2) 457

The editors don't read the comments.

Heck, the editors don't even read the summaries, or at least, they don't visibly edit them.

Moderators vote based on agreement.

Welcome to slashdot.

Slashdot's headlong rush into the digg-ification of the site will end just as Digg's did; with the loss of most of the community that made the site worth keeping up with, and worth maintaining for the owners. Digg is still trying to find a model that will remediate the utter destruction cause by the dropping of the user commenting capability (and pro tip, they're not going to find one.)

No one wants to fight with a bad UI. The beta demonstrates a *really* bad UI. The consequences are obvious. Our protests are of no matter.

Comment Speed limit myths (Score 2) 457

which is cost inefficient

So is driving the speed limit. Time has great value, and the arbitrary declarations of legislators do nothing to erase this signature characteristic.

A less cynical explanation

It's not cynicism. We know why the police issue the vast majority of speeding tickets: To provide income, and to provide an excuse for search and seizure, leading to even more income and property gains. They're generally not saving, protecting, or serving anyone but themselves; And further, in states where unlimited speeds were tried, such as Montana, accident rates went down. In any undertaking, people do better when they aren't bored, are paying the most attention, and are fully engaged in said undertaking.

Comment Ultimate goals of police (Score 5, Insightful) 457

I mean, the ultimate goal for the police is to have everyone follow the law

Lemme just fix that for you:

I mean, the ultimate goals for the police are enjoy an exercise of arbitrary power, to earn ticket income, and to provide an excuse for illegal search and seizure, which in turn serves as a mechanism to provide yet more income, and property.

There you go. Cheers. :)

Comment Free Speech (Score 1) 457

Free speech has loads of exemptions.

(carefully checks constitution) Here's the relevant restiction on the government:

Congress shall make no law...[religion exercise, establishment clipped] abridging the freedom of speech

That's it. All of it. No exceptions. So, no, free speech doesn't have any exemptions. What you are advocating is that we tolerate government acting outside the bounds of its constitutional limits, in violation of the oaths of legislators and judges.

There's the nation's highest law, and then there's a bunch of sophist trash imposed on us by very bad people. Best to remain cognizant of which is which.

Comment Bugs (Score 1) 385

Nearly all bugs are going to be found in the first couple of years

Or - like my old laptop - they just don't bother to fix them but instead tell you to buy a newer model/product. Back in the day, my former laptop had an issue where if you actually used both RAM slots, it would cause random freezes or spontaneous reboots. It was actually an issue with the Northbridge.

At first, HP said they were working on a fix and refused to properly RMA my laptop. Later, they said there was no fix, but - oops sorry - you're out of warranty now. After much bitching and threatening I got some extra RAM to use in a single slot, but I hate to think of all the people that were screwed by this issue.

Second issue: HP "tablet" laptops (reversible screen) were one of many types affected by nvidia chips which had heat issues. IIRC, the chips were soldered on the bottom of the board, and over time the heat would cause the solder to loosen until the chip started to come off the board. Many other manufacturers actually replaced bad models with good ones. HP would just replace the laptop with the same model until your warranty was done.
In fact, HP later released laptops with the same design, but a less thermally inefficient video card. The laptops still overheated because the heat dissipation was still *terrible* - oft killing the NIC instead of the video card - but it took a bit longer to do so (usually long enough that you were out-of-warranty once it happened).

Comment Re:Not quite that (Score 2) 269

Why would we want them to get lasting things done? About the only thing that makes those that want to govern tolerable is that they are generally too stupid to get anything done. Nobody who wants to govern should ever be intrusted with any real power. The more they argue about worthless things they less they are able to hurt us.

It's amazing how many things we still have and depend upon from FDR's administration. I drive over some of the bridges built then on a regular basis. Parks, too, would be largely left barren if the next president was other than FDR and came in, scouring the legacy.

But these battles in the past couple decades are absurd - build some legislation, tear it out, build some legislation, gut it. Geez. How about both sides working to the betterment rather than this sort of garbage.

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