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Comment Re:Not quite that (Score 2) 269

Why would we want them to get lasting things done? About the only thing that makes those that want to govern tolerable is that they are generally too stupid to get anything done. Nobody who wants to govern should ever be intrusted with any real power. The more they argue about worthless things they less they are able to hurt us.

It's amazing how many things we still have and depend upon from FDR's administration. I drive over some of the bridges built then on a regular basis. Parks, too, would be largely left barren if the next president was other than FDR and came in, scouring the legacy.

But these battles in the past couple decades are absurd - build some legislation, tear it out, build some legislation, gut it. Geez. How about both sides working to the betterment rather than this sort of garbage.

Comment The Value (Score 1) 593

Actually, I simply think there is no reason to engage in this particular debate because it is of no value

But it is of value. Look back a few decades; remember how repressed and "in the closet" atheism was? Most kids were inculcated with religion by default because that's all that really made it into the public square.

Now, through the auspices of high profile objectors like these, and the rising tide of audibility on the networks, tons of kids know that theism is a subject of great controversy, not one that is settled, as the religionists would very much like them to believe.

The huge holes in theistic reasoning are now on the table, and subject to dissection by some of the finest minds out there. Baseless-assumptions-as-axioms are revealed for what they are; the cries of "but you don't know how X happened" are revealed as minefields constructed by the god of the gaps ideas; the idea that it is ok to have questions with no obvious answer is beginning to percolate about the population without inspiring fear. No longer do all citizens feel that they have to profess a theistic viewpoint in order to be socially adequate. Even the false middle ground of agnosticism is eroding, and all of this is not just good, it's great.

No, a debate like this probably won't move a single member of its local audience to the opposite view; but it serves to strengthen the atheist standing and presence in the community and that makes it very valuable indeed. Here, on Reddit, etc., this debate is very much an important topic right now, in the sense that lots and lots of attention is focused that way. All good, my friend, all good.

Comment Re:Good (Score 4, Insightful) 156

Comcast_blackhat_01: "They've got a better product, we'd better lobby to have them kept out for no reason. We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph!"

People railed against it. This proves Kansas isn't at the forefront of ignorance people suggest. Good for the people of Kansas for holding their leaders to account. Education is alive and well in the Sunflower State, the legislators were taught a lesson.

Comment Re:Not quite that (Score 3, Insightful) 269

It's not

are you better off now than you were 4 years ago

that drives my selection. The matter for me is closer to

  • which candidate on the ballot will harm you the least

Pretty much sums up my voting. I look for whomever I figure is most qualified - this doesn't mean is qualified , but that hedges toward someone who might actually have some idea what the F they are doing, rather than being an utter tool and electing candidates based upon Hot Button (sucker) issues, like guns, abortion, creeping socialism, etc.

Comment In short... (Score 2) 269

People are stupid and are unqualified to vote.

The downside of this, is if people didn't have the vote then very, very evil people would take control.

So think of it this way, we get some dumb leaders; we get some idiotic leaders; we get some bad legislation and we get some self defeating legislation, BUT we can turn around and push it out and replace it with something else.

Under an evil dictator we're stuck until the dictator dooms us with one of the classic blunders -- getting involved in a land war in Asia.

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