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Comment Re:Again, it's not 3D. It's stereovision. (Score 0) 120

I'm not trying to be mean. But you don't own a "3d tv"; you own a 2d, stereoscopic television that marketers *called* 3D, although it clearly isn't anything of the sort.

A 3d display will allow you to see behind the actors. If you move, your point of view will shift. If someone moves closer, it won't be the camera that has to re-focus to follow, it will be your eyes, because the objects in the display will actually be nearer or further away. You'll be able to look down on a tennis match on your display as if from the sky, from any side of the court, or up at it from (the player's) shoe-level. Your true 3d display will not take up a flat surface. It will take up an 3-d volume and within that volume, truly volumetric objects will seem to exist.

What you have right now is basically a ViewMaster that changes images really fast. It's not 3d.

Comment Re:HA! (Score 2) 167

If they make it work and ever point that at slashdot, the readings are gonna be flying off the charts!

Slashdot would be a poor test bed for the project. Sarcasm is too easily detected on here to be useful, it's as subtle as being hit by a brick.

Now ... if they pointed it at Faux Nooz, that would be pretty interesting to see how much the presenters don't believe of the garbage they're spewing to keep the market other broadcasters have neglected: the disenfranchised intelligentsia.

Comment Re:Oh nooonn (Score 1) 98

... after the 5th time the Inspector informed the clerk he would like a 'ruuum' the carnation in the clerk's lapel came to life and in a shrill, buzzing voice shouted, "Il veut une chambre d'hôtel! Lui donner une! Petit imbécile!"

Comment Re:I'm not French (Score 1) 98

The government has always kept a close eye, within its capabilities, upon its people, those who reside within and those they interact with (and often their allies, too.) There's just more ability to keep track because we do so much more digitally these days. If you really want privacy, go over and talk to your friends (unless they work for the NSA, CIA, FBI, NKVD, MI-6, CAGEY BEE, etc.)

Comment Re:This is why I take a pillow on trains (Score 1) 205

As long as you have your fist or a black magic marker, they can never fully remove that option but they can force you to remove the on option for the next passenger.

The cabbie probably has a mirror or camera to record would be vandals. Better to just bring a roll of duct tape and piece of cardboard with you.

Comment Re:This is why I take a pillow on trains (Score 1) 205

Not unlike the damn TVs they stuck on the back seats of some cabs in Boston. I just want a moment of peace in a cab (even chatting with the driver would be better) not be forced to watch news about the latest disaster or murder. News is like finding pennies, it is available everywhere and you'll get it eventually. I don't need it shoved at me in every venue. Fortunately I was able to turn it off. I'm sure someday they will remove that option.

I was fueling up a rental car somewhere in northern Michigan, at a Shell station IIRC, and suddenly I hear this horribly loud obnoxious music. I figure some ass-hat just pulled up and is sharing his/her lack of musical taste with the world. I turn around and see it is actually a speaker on the gas pump blaring out the offending racket, which transitions into a load of advertising, "... come into the store and find wonderful crap you can buy to further your enjoyment of this visit to Shell Hell ..." I spent the last five minutes (slowest pump in the world and by design I reckon) with my hands clamped over the speaker and humming loudly.

Do that in my home town and you can bet that's one gas station I would never return to.

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