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Comment Re:Full of it (Score 1) 290

'Detroit' as he refers to are now multi-nationals

OMG no way!

they have their own R&D factories

OMG no way!

In all seriousness, though:
Yes what you said is obviously true, but the idea that because they have their own R&D and have researched this before doesn't mean this company hasn't figured out a better way to do it.
I'm not saying that they have figured out a better way, but to dismiss something as 'oh, well that's been tried before' isn't a good basis

Comment Re:Good and Bad (Score 1) 725

Too many kids get away with crap in their teens and continue that into their adult life because they were never corrected

Well that's the problem right there: they were never corrected.
But the real question is: who should be the one to correct them?

Teachers? Teachers have lost most (all) of their disciplinary measures they used to have... detention is about the scariest thing, and expulsion is maybe a little worse. But I knew kids that would get expelled just so that they could stay home and play video games.

Parents? Parents are quickly going down the same road as the teachers. Kids know what the Children's Aid Society is, and I've personally seen kids use it as a threat towards their parents for any disciplinary action they are about to receive.

Police? I think that's just a little too much for most circumstances. It can be good for a scare tactic but often they know they're not considered and adult in their legal system and just laugh it off (as you pointed out about skirting the law).

So the real problem, the way I see it, is that laws meant to encompass child abuse and neglect are slowly bleeding into the realm of discipline.
(and yes I realize sometimes that lines is blurry, but we're very much into the absolute white area)

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