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Submission + - The hacker approach to education (

hessian writes: Even more than boring, education was about the wrong approach entirely. It set up cute little thought-experiments, taught you some simple versions, and then hit you with more challenging ones on the final. Since this is easy to defeat, teachers relied heavily on trickery and detail-based grading, which rewards those who essentially bury themselves in the classwork and memorize.

Zero relation to (a) actual problem solving and (b) having the skill of thinking itself. In fact, worse than zero relation; negative relation. Thinkers find this kind of environmental stultifying and try to escape it.

Comment World peace can't be done. (Score 1) 1737

There are some truths about reality that offend our sense of personal importance.

1. World peace can't be done. There will always be irrational people, and you must oppose them with force.

2. Pluralism doesn't work. Society only functions when there's a single standard of values and thus behavior.

3. Diversity doesn't work (corollary to point #2). The happiest societies are unified in values, heritage, culture, language and basic philosophy.

4. Group delusion is normal. A large group of people will settle on not only a lowest common denominator but on a wishful thinking illusion.

5. We are not all equal. Some are better at others than certain things and deserve more power.

There are more, but these are some starter heresies for our modern time. Our society is as controlled as the Soviets, as lynch mobby as the Salem witch-burning days, and as closed-minded as the toughest religious fanatics.

We're just doing it in subtler ways.

Comment He's turned into a classic traitor. (Score 1) 658

Snowden? I thought his name was Kim Philby.

He betrayed the USA for supposedly lofty goals, but now he's hanging out with our enemies and leaking secrets totally unrelated to his "whistleblower" mission.

Over the last week, he's started to look less like white knight and more like garden variety traitor.

No one's going to blink when Obama drones him.

Comment This law is broken. (Score 1) 161

AT&T wants us to believe that because their website was so insecure that feeding it sequential data would reveal private customer information, the problem can be solved by throwing the "hacker" -- who notified them immediately and did not leak the customer information -- into jail.

Yeah, right. The overseas hackers aren't going to even care that much. They'll take your information, use it to rob you blind, and presumably AT&T will cover it up, since their response has not been to address the actual problem in this case.

Weev is caught in the crossfire. American industry wants to have government protect it from its own sloppy coding. The truth is that protecting industry encourages more sloppy coding, which then helps the Chinese hackers who are robbing us blind.


Comment The new Microsoft-NSA hybrid owns us all (Score 0, Troll) 135

First they came for the secure boot, and I did not speak up, because I was not a BIOS...

This will enable them to control all of our computing hardware from their centralized corporate mind-control chambers.

Soon they will make us intolerant of anyone not like us, and we will become flag-waving, hamburger-munching, Coke-swilling droids who cheer whenever the poor, brown or leftist people are slaughter by automated drones.

Running Windows ME. how'd I do Reddit I mean Slashdot? Did I hive mind the right way? Shower me in imaginary internet karma points!!!

Comment Doesn't address the problem. (Score -1, Troll) 381

Do good, make people working for you feel they're doing something good for the world.

You underestimate two motivations:

1. Self-interest. Two months ago, Snowden was a nobody with a dysfunctional life. Now he's famous and has many fans. Like Assange or even Charles Manson.

2. Revenge. People who are nobodies love to take revenge on anything bigger than they are, and they'll do it for "altruistic" reasons in order to have support from the crowd. They're sociopathic manipulators.

If Snowden has any decency, he'll go out into the middle of a large field so no one else dies in the drone strike.

Comment Lessons of history (Score 1) 211

There's only two ways to peace. One side destroys the other to the point where the other side doesn't want to be exterminated, or both sides have the ability to exterminate each other and the cost of war is too great.

That's a profound observation reinforced by history.

I'm not sure why people fear it; it means we know what we need to do, instead of what we wish were true.

You'd think all the sciency types would be more open to that.

Comment Politics versus organicism (Score 1) 375

Political: "We are a country, see, because we have a name and some documents, and we are united by our belief in capitalism (donuts) and equality (welfare). Anyone is welcome here who agrees with those."

Organic: "My people evolved in this land and have possessed it for centuries, improving it and themselves. We are inseparable from it. The only people welcome here are ourselves, and everyone else must find their own nation."

Comment Government is a public relations business (Score 2) 99

In government, you are not judged by results. You are judged by appearances, specifically how many people you can fool for long enough that they forget all the stuff you've screwed up.

This is why as little as possible should be entrusted to government. Even government workers will generally agree with this: government works best when it has a small set of goals and some way of measuring "success" other than cheering uninformed voters.

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