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Comment False reality. (Score 1) 473

Comments on the internet are a false reality.

That's why people are drawn to them.

No power? You can be a hero in this new world.

Even if it's all bits on a screen.

Because people act based on those bits, just like they act based on stories in newspapers or word of mouth.

It gives power to the powerless.

In theory, a good thing; except that history teaches us how the powerless are unable to assume the responsibilities of power, and so the most promising revolutions turn into the Guillotine Terror, shooting the Romanov children, Pol Pot, etc.

Comment I grew up in a one-industry town (Score 4, Insightful) 380

The modern time is an abomination because economics runs our lives.

Since that's the case, it's prudent to think economically and to never rely on only a couple industries in a town.

If your employment opportunities are (1) nuclear plant or (2) "fishing, I guess" then you're in for a rough ride if either of those shits the bed.

And since economies are both cyclic and random, expect that to happen.

Submission + - Open plan offices attract highest levels of worker dissatisfaction (

hessian writes: An open plan workplace, in which enclosed rooms are eschewed in favour of partitioned or non-partitioned desks arranged around a large room, are supposed to promote interaction between workers and boost teamwork.

However, a study of over 40,000 survey responses collected over a decade has found that the benefits for workers are quickly outweighed by the disadvantages.

Comment Not how majorities work (Score 1) 174

The check on a democratically-elected government to stop them from doing silly things is for the people to find out about it and vote the fuckers out.

Nice idea. But democracies specialize in creating majorities with different (divergent) interests, and thus no consensus on any single issue, which means that (a) issues fights are perpetual and (b) there's less actual oversight of government.

Comment The threat of investigation (Score 5, Insightful) 174

Here's the deal:

Either you go along with our investigation, and hand over all your data on everyone, or we investigate you.

We'll come in, confiscate a few vital servers, demand all your documents, interview all your staff.

This will shut down your business and cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more, but that's not our concern.

So which do you want -- rat out your customers, or get shut down?

The Government

Comment The real problem with BSD (Score -1, Flamebait) 143 the attitude of the developers, the people on the mailing lists, and anyone else who interacts with new users.

You're outright hostile and condescending. There's no call for that, no matter how elite you are. Many of the people you're being condescending to are far more elite than you, but in other fields.

I used to lobby hard for BSD. Now, after getting completely embarrassed by the hostile and sociopathic response of the developers when people I've sent over have needed legitimate help, I'm simply recommending Linux or Windows.

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