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Comment Re:It's very likely he literally needs mental help (Score 1) 576

... However, I have yet to see a difference between a personality disorder and a shitty personality. They seem to be just labels for a common personality we find unpleasant.

That's because there isn't any. 'Personality disorders' are a clinical label to apply to someone who has certain well defined problems with life, it's meant to be more specific than 'an asshole', but no less damning. Everyone who uses them knows that there's a lot of crossover, but it's a lot more useful to use a bit of jargon between doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists so they know what kind of asshole someone is, rather than just put 'asshole' on their file.

Comment Re:U.S. is established on religion, so (Score 5, Informative) 900

There's a number of problems with this straw-man argument:
1. Religon does not have monopoly on morality, in fact the vast majority of the moral philosophers don't invoke religous ideas whatsoever.
2. Religon does not have a monopoly on breeding. The birth rate in Australia mirrors that of the USA, however only a minority of people there subscribe to religon.
3. Religon does not have a monopoly on good parenting.

Comment Re:Might as well ban drivers if people are stupid (Score 1) 1003

The problem with this approach is you're in a bit of a catch 22.

Good drivers aren't instructed, they've had years of experience behind the wheel.

If you can't drive cos you don't have the experience, and you can't get the experience, then noone can drive.

We just have to make getting that experience, during our late teens and early 20s, as safe as possible by banning drink-driving and phone-driving.

Comment Re:Obligatory conclusion (Score 1) 1003

Well that's a lot of suposition.

In actual studies of people driving while on a mobile phone, they are about as dangerous as someone who's drunk behind the wheel. That's the actual data, it's not subject to wishful self-justification.

Given the number one cause of death and permanent disability for any person aged 0-30ish is road traffic accidents, not talking on the phone is a small price to pay.

Comment Contientious Objectors (Score 1) 680

You don't actually *have* to immunize for this rule. You can opt to go to your doctor and have them sign something saying you've fronted up and refused.

What you can't do is just 'forget' to do it and expect to recieve benifits.

I think that's fair, even to the loonies that are anti-immunization because it kills whales.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 306

Depends really on how the question was asked:

Q: "What does the 4 mean in iphone 4"
A: "I don't know"
Q: "Does it mean 4G?"
A: "Yes... I guess it must"
Q: "Does it mean version 4"
A: "Yes, that seems likley"

Don't knows can be converted into almost any answer you like with the right prompting.

Comment Re:Escape the Solar System, and Galaxy (Score 1) 265


Eternal existence is a meaningless concept, both for an individual and for a species.

Either you get stuck in a loop of always repeating yourself, or with time you grow so far different from the original that you can't even call it the same individual/species anymore.

Carpe Diem, eternity is a philosophical trap.

Comment Re:Calibration? (Score 1) 238

I work in a hospital emergency department.

In my experience the correlation between stress levels and urgency has an R value of about 0.00001.

Stress level mostly depends on how crazy the patient is, and I suspect the correlation betwen crazyness of customer and number of emergency services calls recieved has an R value of somewhere aproaching 0.9999

Comment Re:Desperation (Score 1) 407

Seriously, how does this make sense?

It makes perfect sense! There's also going to be a $10 fee for movies, a $10 fee for video games, a $30 fee for porno (which everyone knows is the most dowloaded on the internet), a $10 microsoft fee, a $10 apple fee so you don't need to pay the app store anymore, a $10 fee for newspapers, a $10 fee for TV shows, ect.

Comment Re:Any time you need to ask the question... (Score 1) 826

I'm a miserable bastard, I know, but my take on this would be that your actions as an individual are insignificant to the point of being negligible, and history shows that your chances of influencing others by your example are also near zero.

Thereby excusing any negative action you perform, and negating any positive? Taken to it's logical conclusion this line of thought makes absolutly any action OK. Start a global thermonuclear war? Well we're only one tiny planet in a vast universe, so on the count of it it hardly matters...

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