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Comment Re:Perfect american corporate business practice (Score 2) 231

"Flying Coffin." Interesting nickname. In my home country it was called the Widow Maker. Erich Hartmann, the highest-scoring fighter ace in the history of air warfare, called it fundamentally flawed and unfit for service. Lockheed's money caused his superiors to force him into early retirement. 115 German pilots were killed in non-combat missions while piloting the F104.

Comment Cisco (Score 1) 322

Linksys has always been a good solution for my SOHO needs. My short forays into D-Link and Netgear were both disappointments. I'm now running a couple of WRT54GL with Tomato on them. This is my favorite network yet. I may be missing out on fancy 'N' speeds, but my network works and works right every time day in and day out. I'll do with 'only' 54Mbps for that.

Comment Re:Inflation (Score 3) 696

Not necessarily. The Fed could sterilize the move by selling off an amount of Treasuries equal to the value of the coin and destroying the money it receives. Then the money supply would be unaffected. Effectively the Treasury would be proxy borrowing by having the Fed sell Treasuries, which have already been counted against the debt limit, instead of selling new Treasuries itself, which it cannot legally do.

It's only inflationary if the money supply is increased.

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