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Comment Re:No it isn't (Score 1) 1186

Man, I am glad you're kidding. You've written an awesome paragraph that shows just how insane people are. I'd bet that about 80% of all the /.'ers who read that were salivating at the first paragraph!

Please... don't take the parent's first paragraph seriously. But pay very close attention to the second part!

Comment She's an embarrassment (Score 1) 15

Some things you apparently just don't say out loud.

I also think she is suffering from dementia.

Oh, and she looks funny. But then, so do almost all of the liberals. I love the poster that compares the conservative women with the liberal women. Admittedly, they take the best of the former and the worst of the latter, but I still think it's funny as hell.

I think one of the other reasons she got kicked out is that she gave up the appearance of objectivity.

Comment Re:Title is nonsense (Score 0) 244

I can see it being hard to prove that it was the student only if he had an open WiFi connection running at that time.

Lesson to be learned: if you're going to use P2P, make sure you have an open WiFi connection to throw a monkey wrench into "beyond a reasonable doubt."

Of course, once that defense is used commonly, there'll be a law passed that says you can't do that anymore... In fact, didn't I read something on /. about that in the past?

Comment Leak the email (Score 1, Interesting) 490

Let the public know. I doubt many of the citizens would take a side, but you could be putting pressure on the IT directors to justify why they spend so much money.

Of course, they might contact Microsoft, who would bring out their own "independent" (read: Microsoft-funded) studies that show that, in the long run, Microsoft is cheaper than open source.

But perhaps in this time of economic trouble, a friendly journalist might take your side and decide they want to screw with the government for wasting taxpayer $$.

Good luck.

Comment Hmm... (Score 1) 2

Here's a clue-by-four who didn't get my post yesterday: they never had any intention of doing so. They're running this runaway train. If it kills us all, that'll be fine with them, because it means we'll quit contributing to global warming.

Wow... that almost makes sense!

Comment Never happen (Score 1) 4

This is all for show on the part of Obama and the liberals in Congress. They do not have and have never had any intention whatsoever of coming to the conference table honestly to compose a bill that has some of what both parties want leaving behind some that they want. They're making a show of including the Republicans without ever having any intention of including anything they want nor excluding anything they don't want.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the VAST majority of the Democrats in Congress (hell, and everywhere else, too, very likely) are nothing more than a bunch of liars and hypocrites.

While not quite so strongly, I feel that a lot of the RINOs in Congress are the same way. Whatever it takes to get elected is what they'll say and/or do.

I think the Democrats realize that they're going to lose a lot this fall, and so they're trying to rush this through to prove they can get something done, regardless of the fact that a majority (or near majority) of the folks don't want this, and only about a third do want it.

There's no more honesty in politics. We need to vote ALL of these people out of office, and start over.

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