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Comment Consumer grade vs. Enterprise Grade (Score 5, Insightful) 293

Slightly more seriously than my last post, the S3500 was the only enterprise-grade SSD tested in that batch. Frankly, I have little sympathy for you if you expected consumer-grade SSDs to perform like Enterprise-grade SSDs in a mission-critical application.

Consumer grade drives, even/especially the "high performance" ones that will often benchmark better than the "overpriced" enterprise drives, ain't designed to have perfect data retention. Of course, consumer or enterprise, any drive can fail and appropriate measures including RAID and backup* should always be in place no matter what type of drive you have.

* Yes, RAID != backup, I know, don't bother making that post.

Comment Re:Network Transparency ... solved (Score 4, Interesting) 137

" You have no idea what "network transparency" really means."

No... you don't.

Me*: Network transparency means that applications can render graphics to a local terminal or over a network with zero changes in code path and zero need to know anything about the underlying rendering model. Therefore, any remotely modern version of is by definition not network transparent since every since modern local rendering technique such as DRI and compositing is completely incompatible with the fallback socket-based path that is used for networking remote X programs. Consequently, modern X is not network transparent and people who can't understand that just because it is still possible to send X pixmaps over a network socket in a kludgy manner does not mean X is "transparent" should maybe do some research on how X actually works instead of hurling insults.

  Modern X-remoting is effectively pushing pixmaps over a socket in an inefficient manner. It is fundamentally different than the modern composited rendering path that effectively bypasses 99.9% of the original X server and is where Wayland is going. Additionally, if X were so beautifully perfect at network transparency then using it over a WAN connection wouldn't be one of the leading causes of suicide in network administrators and proxies like NX would never have come into existence.

Where "Me" includes the developers including Keith Packard BTW.


Comment Re:Network Transparency ... solved (Score 0, Troll) 137

You sed: RDP is not the same as network transparency. It is the opposite of the network transparency.

In that case, any even remotely modern version of X isn't network transparent either since X is basically operating as a poorly implemented version of RDP using any GUI toolkit like GTK or Qt. P.S. --> The lead developers of agree with me that the modern version of X that real people use in the real world is not network transparent, so unless you are even a more experienced X developer, I'm going to agree with them and not you.

You sed: With X you can run side by side on the same physical screen applications from the different servers.

2008 called and it wants its complaint about RDP back (this functionality was introduced a LONG time ago). RDP can be implemented using Wayland too you know, it's not a strictly a Windows thing.

Comment Re:Yeah and there's no more North Pole (Score 3, Insightful) 94

Get with the program: Everything bad that has ever occurred in the 20th century is due to Reagan and Reagan alone. Don't let the corporatist media fool you into thinking that anyone other than Reagan was running the show in the 20th century. DON'T BE A SHEEPLE.

Oh, BTW, Reagan was also so stupid that he couldn't tie his own shoes.

Comment Re:Yeah and there's no more North Pole (Score 4, Insightful) 94

More fun:

Here's a joke:

Q: What's the difference between a Bible-Thumper who predicts the Rapture and an Environmentalist who predicts a religious Eco-Apocalypse?

A: There are actually two differences: The Bible-Thumper actually has the decency to predict a firm date, and then admits that he was wrong when the rapture didn't occur.

Comment Yeah and there's no more North Pole (Score 0, Troll) 94

These predictions are all 100% accurate, just like Ted Danson's prediction that all U.S. cities will be completely uninhabitable by 1980 because Reagan was president throughout the 1970's and are even MORE accurate than ALGORE's 100% accurate prediction that the entire polar ice cap has permanently melted and all polar bears are dead.

Comment Re:Documentation is King (Score 1, Flamebait) 225

I'm sorry, you lost the right to put on the whole "Oh poor little AMD is being abused by the big bad monopolist!" the day that AMD came out with Mantle and started leveraging it's 100% monopoly in the console market in a much much worse way than Intel ever did with its 70 - 80% "monopoly" in the desktop market.

Comment Re:Reverse Santa? (Score -1, Troll) 418

Oh totally. That uber-nazi libertarian Barack Obama has completely dismembered our One True God.. uh.. I mean "federal government" and left us in a Somali-like Warzone where there are absolutely no regulations of any kind and zero involvement of the HOLY Government in our healthcare!

Just imagine how many phone calls aren't being monitored because of his ruthless, radical extremist libertarianism!!

Damn you Obama and your laissez-fair disregard for our right to be told what to do by the HOLY federal bureacrats who are divine infallible beings!

Comment A few incovenient truths... (Score -1) 462

Fact: In the 1970's more people got vaccinations that today.
Fact: Atheism is more popular now in the U.S. than it was in the 1970's.
Conclusion: Atheism leads to a wave of anti-science bigotry that results in people not getting immunized. Case in point: Jenny McCarthy.

WAIT WHAT? You say that's a correlation == causation strawman argument?!!??!?!?

So is the snide comment in the original post that is automatically taken as "gospel" truth by people who have bigotry against other people based on their beliefs but justify being bigoted in the name of "science" with just as much logic to support their beliefs as was common when eugenics was the latest word in "science".

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