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Comment Re:That You, Fanboy? (Score 2, Insightful) 215

1. As I told another poster, Network Forwarding != Network Transparency. You know how modern X servers operate over a network? By pushing a bunch of bitmaps in a less-efficient manner than RDP. I really don't care if some dusty design document from 1985 says otherwise, you're irrational wishes don't create a new reality. Unless you are a real fossil, I was probably doing X forwarding before you even new what Linux was, and I know much much more about its limitations than you do.
2. If you're calling me a liar, you're also calling the main developers of the X server and Wayland liars because they agree with me and not with you.

If arrogance, ignorance, and disrespect for people who do hard work could be trasmuted into display server code, you would control the market!

Comment Re:Actual Information from the FreeRDP Project (Score 2) 215

THAT IS USELESS! You didn't show forwarded Xterms using the exact same perfect protocol that was cool in 1985! Your system is obviously bloated and inefficient compared to X11 and a complete waste of time!! /sarcasm

Much more seriously, thank you very much for your hard work and for pushing forward with implementing this technology in an open & cross-platform way. The video is fantastic!

Comment Re:For those About to Whine! (Score 3, Informative) 215

The very fact that FreeNX exists is absolute proof that X has fundamental issues and you have admitted that those issues exist and that another layer of complexity needs to be added around X is a direct admission that X isn't cutting it!

You also lied in your original post when you said you forward over X and therefore X is transparent.

1. No you don't forward over X, you use a much more convoluted FreeNX setup.

2. Forwarding != Transparency. If you think it does, then FreeRDP is also network transparent! Modern X is basically a less-efficient screen-scraping version of RDP, and everything that FreeNX does makes X more like RDP in a kludgy manner!

3. Please stop insulting X developers who have put a whole lot more time and effort into developing these systems than you have ever done. If you were more respectful you'd actually watch the video in TFA and come up with an intelligent response instead just repeating over & over that "I GOT AN XTERM TO FORWARD EVERYONE ELSE IS STUPID!"

Being disingenuous and hiding the truth.. which is exactly what you did in your original post when you said "X" and really meant the kludge-fest that is "FreeNX" is also a form of censorship, so try being more honest and less sanctimonious, self-righteous, and obscene in the future, mkay?

Comment Re:For those About to Whine! (Score 1) 215

Your sig says: Censorship is obscene.

Well it looks like you self-censored my post by not bothering to read past the first couple of lines and also censored an X developer who agrees with me and not you. So, aside from admitting that you are obscene, please list your evidence and credentials for why you are right and a guy who has been deeply involved in developing X for over 10 years is stupid....

Comment For those About to Whine! (Score 3, Insightful) 215

We don't Salute You!

For the next 100 posts whining about how this isn't exactly like forwarding an Xterm over an SSH tunnel (think about how stupid that is for a second)... X IS NOT NETWORK TRANSPARENT

What? That a lie! 1985 sez X is network transparent!
Well guess what: Modern versions of X are *not* network transparent anymore because to use any of the modern features of X that make using a modern Linux desktop even remotely enjoyable, you are breaking the classic backwards server-client paradigm of X. Sure, there's still a fallback mode for transferring data over networks, but lots and lots of modern features that you expect in a modern desktop GUI break in the process, which is *not* transparency, but is instead more of a network fallback.

Frankly, having tried to use both X and RDP over real connections using the real Internet, I'd take RDP any day of the week. I still remember the finger-pointing amongst developers of different projects when I pointed out that packets were being sent over the network each and every time my cursor blinked. Get over it guys, 1985 wasn't the be-all end-all pinnacle of graphics development.

Still don't believe me? How about clicking the link to Dan's talk about X where he says the exact same thing I just said. He's only been working on X development for over 10 years though, so I'm sure that some guy who sorta got X forwarding working over a gigabit link is much much more informed that he is....

Comment If MIR gets Wayland moving it was worth it (Score 1) 300

For all the screaming about MIR (from the exact same people who say that we need "competition" for MS/Apple/etc.), I really hope that the competition part of MIR finally gets the Wayland developers to stop screwing around with Wayland like its a toy and get it to the point where it can actually be deployed in real systems. And yes, despite the chagrin of the religious radicals on this site, that means opening up dialogs with AMD and Nvidia to get driver support too.

If Canonical's move actually spurs Wayland development, then Mir is a success and a positive contribution to the open source world.

Comment Re:they are misusing the term "UNIX philosophy" (Score 3, Insightful) 16

a general tool designed for reuse in any context to achieve any task.

[awk] is not designed for reuse in [my dishawasher] to achieve [cure for cancer].

Therefore awk does not follow the UNIX philosophy. Lather, rinse, repeat for any and all UNIX utilities, functions, etc.

Oh any "everything is a file" is a lie too. I can't open a TCP connection by opening a file, I have to use sockets, which are a different paradigm. Don't even get me started on shared memory!

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