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Comment Re:Attention Tea Party knuckleheads: (Score 0, Troll) 702

OH TOTALLY! When I think of the Venezuelan dictatorship, the very very first thing that springs to mind is how the tea party worships Hugo Chavez like a bunch of mindless drones!!

Thank God-Emperor Obama that Rachel Maddow and Sean Penn have exposed those evil tea partiers and their evil affiliation with the pro-free market radical libertarian venezuelan evil dictators!

Comment And people called Atlas Shrugged Fiction.... (Score 4, Insightful) 702

People said that the characters in Atlas Shrugged were two-dimensional cardboard cutouts and that real life is totally not like that... I guess they never went to Venezuela.

They also said that Ayn Rand would leave us in some sort of post-apocalyptic world with no police, firemen, schools, or anything basic services. Who knew that the entire city government of Detroit for the last 40 years were all a bunch of secret Ayn Rand worshipers who have finally put her dreams into action!?!?!?!??

Comment Re:Problem? (Score 0) 170

There's one huge hole in your "jews are evil warmongers" conspiracy: Why do the West Bank and Gaza even exist if that big-bad Netanyahu wants to commit genocide so bad? International opposition? But you say they don't care about that?

Iran stopping Israel? Oh but wait, Iran is a peace-loving socialist paradise with no ambitions of ever making weapons, much less nuclear weapons, so.. since Israel just wants to strike Iran out of some lust for war.. how could Iran prevent Israel from doing anything it wants?

Face it, the Palestinians are oppressed... by their own leaders. If Israel was so hellbent on taking over that territory, it would have already happened, and they sure wouldn't have pulled their soldiers out.

Comment Re:Holy Hype-fest Batman! (Score 4, Insightful) 185

Oh one other thing: anybody who says that using "Delphi" is somehow not "open-source" while using Java is "open source" doesn't understand the difference between a programming language in the abstract and a particular piece of software that compiles or interprets code written in the language in the concrete needs a head exam.

Something tells me these guys: would get offended if you tell them that they hate open source because they have an open source implementation of Delphi. Since Delphi is a descendant of Pascal, which has a long history in software education, it's not some evil conspiracy to use Delphi in a classroom setting.

Comment Holy Hype-fest Batman! (Score 3, Insightful) 185

"The South African Education Department has effectively banned the use of FOSS software in state-run schools by forcing all candidates writing the Computer Applications Technology examination to use Microsoft's Office 2010 or 2013 as the only supported options."

Fascinating, apparently MS-South Africa has sophisticated technology that seeks out and destroys all open source software simply because Microsoft Office is used for some tasks. This new learning is amazing! Tell me again how sheep-bladders can be used to prevent earthquakes!

Comment THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! (Score 0, Flamebait) 168

Please move to the most obscure and unreviewed encryption algorithms that you can, and do it as fast as possible. By no means should you ever use the exact same encryption standards that are approved for use for securing the big-bad-evil U.S. government's own top-secret data. Remember, the only cryptographic systems with any flaws are the ones that were developed by non-US citizens and reviewed in a public process that might have tangentially involved the NSA. Oh, and nobody, we mean nobody, else could ever weaken or backdoor a cryptographic algorithm.
        -- Your friends at the NSA ... uh .. I mean "anti-government hippy commune"

Comment Sorry, We'll fix it! (Score -1, Flamebait) 117

Unfortunately they're haven't been all those Category 6 Hurricanes* that have destroyed the entire Eastern Seaboard because someone used a car and didn't pay for the approved religious indulgence... uh I mean "carbon tax".

The lack of hurricanes just proves that all the climate models are completely accurate because it's been proven that non-disaster weather is just random variability but 100% of any disaster weather is solely due to global warming.

Fortunately, the models that predicted a complete lack of polar ice in 2013 were completely correct... or else we'll say they were "within the margin of error".

Now can we get back to talking about the apocalypse and how any engineering projects that don't move industry to China where there zero pollution controls should be outlawed in the name of the environment?

* Al Gore says that SOME PEOPLE told him there should be a Cat 6, but he was careful not to go out of his way to expressly endorse that point when he publicly repeated it over and over again.

Comment Re:Bouncing never should have been patentable (Score 2, Interesting) 100

Yeah so all icons and user displays since the dawn of computing are fundamentally underdamped second order systems and bounce has been an inherent property of all those systems... or not.

Guess what: almost everything can be described mathematically to some degree, and, by definition, absolutely everything obeys the laws of physics. That doesn't mean that everything *is* math or *is* the laws of physics though. By your definition, the only things that should receive patents are things that can't exist... (Yes, I am aware that this idea is appealing to some elements of the Slashdot "intelligentsia")

I'm not saying that this bounce patent should have been granted, but not on the rather thin grounds that it happens to include a graphical representation of an action that isn't contradictory to the laws of physics. Instead, it would be based on the fact that other user interfaces in the past also incorporated similar animation and feedback patterns.

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