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Comment Why is there hatred of Open Platforms? (Score 4, Insightful) 126

On my supposedly "archaic" x86 desktop, I download any Linux distro I feel like using and can use the exact same installer to setup a 5 year old desktop or next month's Haswell.

On my "futuristic" smartphone I have to wade through outdated information on sketchy forums to find the exact set of model-specific voodoo in order to unlock the device. Oh.. and I'm aware that not every ARM device comes locked, I was in the first-wave of Raspberry Pi purchasers. But guess what? Even with my Raspberry Pi I have to hunt down images that are tailor made just to booth with the Pi and stepping off the Raspberry Pi software reservation gets real ugly real fast.

Why is the thought of an unlocked x86 tablet that could host the exact same Linux distro that I feel comfortable with on various other computers be considered some type of evil? Why is the idea of having the ability to install a stock Android with no garbage without having to sift throught 2,000 forum posts dedicated to a specific flavor of smartphone for a specific vendor considered "anti-freedom"?

Comment Re:What do they PREDICT, not what do they FEEL (Score 1) 1105

Oh really?

Of the two predictions I listed above (and believe me, climate researchers have made both predictions), I can guarantee that both can't be correct despite how much you claim I hate science. I think even you can say that both predictions can't be correct.

So if you agree that both predictions can't be correct, doesn't that mean that you are rejecting the work of the scientific community? Oh, but SOME of the predictions MIGHT come true one day you say! So the entire scientific community is correct! Yeah, so what, I can predict the winner of the next 10 Superbowls with 100% accuracy using that technique.

Here's a hint: Science is rooted in facts, experiments, and observations. Politicians who want to exert ever more control over peoples' lives are rooted in painting a thin veneer of "fact" over their policies to justify their power grabs as "being for your own good." Any "scientist" who crosses the line has left the realm of science and entered politics. Considering that most climate scientists get a paycheck from the politicians who want a certain outcome to be true, there is an inherent

Comment Re:What do they PREDICT, not what do they FEEL (Score 2) 1105

If Rush Limbaugh is saying that you should judge a what man really believes by his actions and not his empty rhetoric, then he's right.

I thought that being a good scientist meant looking at facts objectively instead of fitting the facts to your predisposed feelings. I guess that must be the "old white guy" science that has fortunately been superseded by collective groupthink.

Comment Re:What do they PREDICT, not what do they FEEL (Score 0) 1105

Yeah, that whole "make a hypothesis" and "experiment to identify data to disprove the hypothesis" schtick is obviously a right-wing propaganda tool made up by young-earth creationist Oil executives!

We need a more "balanced approach*" where all science is correct as long as it starts with the "correct" conclusion that Global Warming is the fault of Evil Republicans and works backwards to the inevitably correct conclusion that all industry should be shipped to China in the name of "fairness" because only Republican CO2 emissions hurt the environment.

* Balanced Approach is an officially approved Obama buzzword.

Comment What do they PREDICT, not what do they FEEL (Score 1, Insightful) 1105

Do those 97% of papers all predict the same effects of the man-made global warming?
And are those predicted effects of man-made global warming actually observed in real data that occurred *after* the predictions were made?

Once again, we go back to the standard process of: Weather event X occurs. (where, for example, X is a cool and wet spring that just happened in the midwest).
X is either:
            * Which model? There are so many to choose from and "global warming" can mean everything from "it will never snow in Europe again! We will have malaria and jungle diseases covering Norway!" to "Europe will be covered in glaciers because the Atlantic currents will fail!"

            * But don't worry, if it gets hot this summer or if there's a mild winter somewhere, that will be proof of global warming and not "just the weather". You see, it's a one-way street where global warming is always right.

Comment Re:That You, Fanboy? (Score 2, Insightful) 215

1. As I told another poster, Network Forwarding != Network Transparency. You know how modern X servers operate over a network? By pushing a bunch of bitmaps in a less-efficient manner than RDP. I really don't care if some dusty design document from 1985 says otherwise, you're irrational wishes don't create a new reality. Unless you are a real fossil, I was probably doing X forwarding before you even new what Linux was, and I know much much more about its limitations than you do.
2. If you're calling me a liar, you're also calling the main developers of the X server and Wayland liars because they agree with me and not with you.

If arrogance, ignorance, and disrespect for people who do hard work could be trasmuted into display server code, you would control the market!

Comment Re:Actual Information from the FreeRDP Project (Score 2) 215

THAT IS USELESS! You didn't show forwarded Xterms using the exact same perfect protocol that was cool in 1985! Your system is obviously bloated and inefficient compared to X11 and a complete waste of time!! /sarcasm

Much more seriously, thank you very much for your hard work and for pushing forward with implementing this technology in an open & cross-platform way. The video is fantastic!

Comment Re:For those About to Whine! (Score 3, Informative) 215

The very fact that FreeNX exists is absolute proof that X has fundamental issues and you have admitted that those issues exist and that another layer of complexity needs to be added around X is a direct admission that X isn't cutting it!

You also lied in your original post when you said you forward over X and therefore X is transparent.

1. No you don't forward over X, you use a much more convoluted FreeNX setup.

2. Forwarding != Transparency. If you think it does, then FreeRDP is also network transparent! Modern X is basically a less-efficient screen-scraping version of RDP, and everything that FreeNX does makes X more like RDP in a kludgy manner!

3. Please stop insulting X developers who have put a whole lot more time and effort into developing these systems than you have ever done. If you were more respectful you'd actually watch the video in TFA and come up with an intelligent response instead just repeating over & over that "I GOT AN XTERM TO FORWARD EVERYONE ELSE IS STUPID!"

Being disingenuous and hiding the truth.. which is exactly what you did in your original post when you said "X" and really meant the kludge-fest that is "FreeNX" is also a form of censorship, so try being more honest and less sanctimonious, self-righteous, and obscene in the future, mkay?

Comment Re:For those About to Whine! (Score 1) 215

Your sig says: Censorship is obscene.

Well it looks like you self-censored my post by not bothering to read past the first couple of lines and also censored an X developer who agrees with me and not you. So, aside from admitting that you are obscene, please list your evidence and credentials for why you are right and a guy who has been deeply involved in developing X for over 10 years is stupid....

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