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Comment Re:Cheap (Score 1) 458

The second reason was adventure? So basically this guy was just like Bradley Manning who was self-avowedly in it for the thrill and the power trip.

This is basically the Icelandic Bradley Manning except 1. Nobody will die due to his leaks and 2. the exact same people who say there's some sort of duty to leak information from abusive and secretive organizations will vilify him for leaking information from an abusive and secretive organization (oh wait, Wikileaks is our new God-substitute and is above good and evil, sorry I forgot).

Comment Re:This post should be deleted. (Score 0) 271

AMD Fanboy: This Post should be deleted because it doesn't agree with my pro-AMD RDF.

Can we please have another article about how Haswell is such a failure instead? Oh, and can you please not do any benchmarks between Haswell and any AMD products whatsoever except for a couple of IGP benchmarks that we will pretend represent the only types of systems gamers care about? K-thanks!

Comment Re:2013 AMD has a message for 2005 AMD (Score 2) 271

Did you bother to read that graph? Try looking at the bottom where it says "Wattage At the Wall"

You must be an enormous Intel fanboy to think that they have invented technology that allows every single component in the whole computer outside of the CPU to consume zero power in highly-overclocked systems....

Comment Re:2013 AMD has a message for 2005 AMD (Score 1) 271

That's like saying if Intel increases it's IGP performance by a factor of 10 then AMD will have to worry... of course it would, but the whole problem with that statement is the pesky word "if"

My 4770K is overclocked to 4.6GHz without that much tuning right now, and I guarantee it beats these new parts even in the perfectly multithreaded synthetic benchmarks that are best-case scenarios for AMD. It does that without being a space heater, and if the rumors about prices are true, the 4770K is an outright bargain to boot.

Comment Re:2013 AMD has a message for 2005 AMD (Score 1) 271

You sed: "The part I find interesting, is that if they can beat the haswell with this part then they probably have an IPC advantage over intel again. Remember the top end haswell turbo boosts to 4.9Ghz."

Please re-read everything you just said very very carefully. Especially the parts about how a design with a known IPC will magically get huge IPC boosts by only increasing the core clock and power draw (hint: it won't). Please also remember that Haswell only has a 4.9GHz boost speed for incredibly small values of "4" (it's 3.9GHz, not 4.9GHz).

Comment 2013 AMD has a message for 2005 AMD (Score 4, Insightful) 271

The message is: You got the Megahertz myth wrong! The only myth is that Megahertz isn't important!

Oh, and all that performance-per-watt stuff? You might want to walk that back. Oh and, pull those Youtube videos where you accuse Nvidia users of being fake-pot farmers because their cards pull so much power. Sure it was funny at the time, but we'd rather not have to live that one down now.

Comment Re:I love my AMD (Score 2, Funny) 153

Yeah! After waiting 4 months after Bulldozer launched to get that $189 price, and now waiting another 8 months after Piledriver launched to get the current $180 price, you got almost-as-good-at-Intel-in-a-couple-of-synthetic-benchmarks performance for the low low price of $369 in 2013!!!!

Those blubbering morons who bought the 2600K in 2011 for $350 are stuck with outdated crap that will finally be eclipsed when steamroller launches next year*! What a ripoff!

* Assuming that they spent extra for the K-series part and never bothered to overclock it for some strange reason that is...

Comment Fascinating misues of adjectives there! (Score -1, Offtopic) 153

AMD's marketing department wrote that summary!

Richland's GPU is at best about 20% faster than the intentionally-midrange HD-4600 GPU in Haswell. Add in any form of desktop GPU, including midrange models from 2011, and Haswell wins by a landslide.

At CPU, I recall seeing delightfully hilarious graph where a 6800K overclocked to 5GHz had exactly half the score of the (stock clocked) 4770K. Before we get to the usual "But AMD is cheap!" argument, when you take into account the $150 price of the 6800K and the $350 price of the 4770K, AMD only wins on price/performance if you intentionally buy the most expensive Haswell model available and intentionally don't overclock it while also overclocking the crap out of the 6800K.

Kaveri could be a very interesting product. Richland is a placeholder meant to fight Haswell with numeric model number inflation.

Comment Why is there hatred of Open Platforms? (Score 4, Insightful) 126

On my supposedly "archaic" x86 desktop, I download any Linux distro I feel like using and can use the exact same installer to setup a 5 year old desktop or next month's Haswell.

On my "futuristic" smartphone I have to wade through outdated information on sketchy forums to find the exact set of model-specific voodoo in order to unlock the device. Oh.. and I'm aware that not every ARM device comes locked, I was in the first-wave of Raspberry Pi purchasers. But guess what? Even with my Raspberry Pi I have to hunt down images that are tailor made just to booth with the Pi and stepping off the Raspberry Pi software reservation gets real ugly real fast.

Why is the thought of an unlocked x86 tablet that could host the exact same Linux distro that I feel comfortable with on various other computers be considered some type of evil? Why is the idea of having the ability to install a stock Android with no garbage without having to sift throught 2,000 forum posts dedicated to a specific flavor of smartphone for a specific vendor considered "anti-freedom"?

Comment Re:What do they PREDICT, not what do they FEEL (Score 1) 1105

Oh really?

Of the two predictions I listed above (and believe me, climate researchers have made both predictions), I can guarantee that both can't be correct despite how much you claim I hate science. I think even you can say that both predictions can't be correct.

So if you agree that both predictions can't be correct, doesn't that mean that you are rejecting the work of the scientific community? Oh, but SOME of the predictions MIGHT come true one day you say! So the entire scientific community is correct! Yeah, so what, I can predict the winner of the next 10 Superbowls with 100% accuracy using that technique.

Here's a hint: Science is rooted in facts, experiments, and observations. Politicians who want to exert ever more control over peoples' lives are rooted in painting a thin veneer of "fact" over their policies to justify their power grabs as "being for your own good." Any "scientist" who crosses the line has left the realm of science and entered politics. Considering that most climate scientists get a paycheck from the politicians who want a certain outcome to be true, there is an inherent

Comment Re:What do they PREDICT, not what do they FEEL (Score 2) 1105

If Rush Limbaugh is saying that you should judge a what man really believes by his actions and not his empty rhetoric, then he's right.

I thought that being a good scientist meant looking at facts objectively instead of fitting the facts to your predisposed feelings. I guess that must be the "old white guy" science that has fortunately been superseded by collective groupthink.

Comment Re:What do they PREDICT, not what do they FEEL (Score 0) 1105

Yeah, that whole "make a hypothesis" and "experiment to identify data to disprove the hypothesis" schtick is obviously a right-wing propaganda tool made up by young-earth creationist Oil executives!

We need a more "balanced approach*" where all science is correct as long as it starts with the "correct" conclusion that Global Warming is the fault of Evil Republicans and works backwards to the inevitably correct conclusion that all industry should be shipped to China in the name of "fairness" because only Republican CO2 emissions hurt the environment.

* Balanced Approach is an officially approved Obama buzzword.

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