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Comment PEAK OIL! (Score -1, Troll) 430

The consumption figures can't go down because, as is posted constantly on Slashdot, capitalism is a lie and supply and demand are evil conspiracies created by corporations to repress the sheeple.

The U.S. couldn't possibly produce more oil since everybody knows that peak oil happened in the 70's and there is no more oil anywhere. Peak oil is right and Holocaust^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H "Peak Oil" deniers should be executed for the greater good.

Comment Re:Which tablets? (Score 4, Interesting) 561

So basically you are assuming that the Microsoft locked-down bootloader is impervious to hacking while all the Android ones suck and can be circumvented easily. Without knowing it, you've just complimented Microsoft's software engineering ability.

If the Surface doesn't just bomb out in the market, there will very probably be some hacks that make it possible to load on a new OS. Frankly, my Android phone is much harder to install a new OS on that any other piece of hardware that I've ever owned even though it theoretically isn't "locked down" so I'm not going to point fingers at Microsoft for copy-catting everybody else in this space.

Comment Chernobyl was not a light-water reactor (Score 5, Informative) 258

Chernobyl was a graphite moderated water-cooled reactor. Any commercial nuclear plant in the U.S. is a water-moderated and water-cooled reactor.

  Despite the normal perception of the word, a "moderator" actually increases the nuclear activity in a fission plant since it slows-down ("moderates") neutrons and therefore increases the probability that the neutrons cause a fission event. In Chernobyl, the coolant (water) was blown away in the pressure explosion, but the moderator (graphite) remained in place which led to the runaway meltdown.

By contrast at Three Mile Island & Fukushima, the loss of coolant led to a meltdown (literally heat causing melting to occur), but since the water moderator was also missing, the accidents did not lead to a runaway that was anywhere near as severe as Chernobyl. If Fukushima had included a pressure vessel of the same caliber as the one used at TMI, then hardly any radioactivity would have been released during the Fukushima accident.

Comment Re:I'm on the verge of not caring (Score 1) 107

Is this the usual propaganda where corporations having your data == scary bad and government having your data == It's OK, the government is your friend and you need the government to take care of you because you are a helpless moron?

How about: Corporations suck and shouldn't have my data && Government sucks *more* (getting shot by the government is a lot worse than having advertising sent to you) and *definitely* shouldn't have my data?

Comment Uh... (Score 5, Insightful) 101

Dave Winer has just launched a petition to Obama asking the President to declare the Flickr API a National Historic Landmark, thus (by Dave's reckoning) legally protected from arbitrary withdrawal or wholesale changes by its corporate masters."

Yeah nice meaningless stunt.

If the API is truly "open" then this guy can buy the servers and the network connectivity and the electricity and the hosting support needed to host the sotfware that keeps it going in perpetuity and he won't have to worry about Flickr suing him becuase it's "open".

Something tells me he is more upset that somebody else won't be paying for all of those things for his personal gain. Well guess what: When you live by the "free" service you die by the "free" service.

Comment Re:Corporate Taxes == Political Favoritism (Score 1) 780

I wouldn't tax *completely foreign entities*. If a corporation is doing some type of business in the U.S... then by definition it isn't completely foreign! (duh). If you open a shoe shop in Burundi, you don't pay U.S. taxes selling shoes to people in Burundi. If you are multi-national corporation based in Burundi doing business in the U.S., you pay taxes for your U.S. activities. It really isn't that difficult to regulate those businesses since they have to be doing something in the U.S. to begin with.

Comment Re:Corporate Taxes == Political Favoritism (Score 1) 780

I responded to this in an earlier post: Taxes are on reported profits that arise from business in the U.S. If your company posts zero profits in the U.S., then you get skinned alive by your shareholders in the stock market, so there is a strong incentive to not play games. Also: The Cayman Islands shell corporation game isn't going to help you with the loopholes that allow those games taken out of the system.

Comment Re:Define Profit (Score 1) 780

Profits are easy: They get reported every quarter for the stockholders. If the CEO wants to cheat on taxes by lying and saying that the company lost money or didn't make a large profit, then he'll get skinned alive by the stock market. The reporting puts checks in place to prevent a company from claiming that it made no money.

Comment Re:Corporate Taxes == Political Favoritism (Score 1) 780

It's a rate that isn't confiscatory while also making corporations like GE who don't pay anything right now make some contribution.

The corporate tax rate should be low because there is massive double taxation going on since every person who works for the corporation is paying income taxes, every purchase the corporation makes is getting hit with sales tax, property taxes, etc. etc.

In spite of what most people on Slashdot think (that the U.S. has no taxes at all) the corporate tax rate in the U.S. is one of the highest in the entire world. It should be much much lower, but with no loopholes: All corporations have to play by the same rules instead of rigging the game by pandering to politicians.

Comment Corporate Taxes == Political Favoritism (Score 4, Interesting) 780

The corporate tax rate should be on the order of 10% *but* with zero loopholes: Any profits from sales made in the U.S. get taxed regardless of where the company is based.

That would actually increase taxes on some major companies (but not to the stupid levels for the nominal tax rates that are in place now).

What we have now is a system where politicians can strut around talking about "taxing those evil corporations" while the corporations that pander to the politicians pay zero tax. Offender Number 1: General Electric that was paying zero taxes while Jeffrey Immelt was jetting around the world with Obama at taxpayer expense while the convenient liberals at MSNBC railed that Mitt Romney never paid taxes while conveniently never talking about their own corporate masters.

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