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Comment First Open Mobile Graphics Core??? (Score 2, Informative) 77

Upton sez: "But we're incredibly proud that VideoCore IV is the first publicly documented mobile graphics core,"

Uh.. considering that the graphics cores in Baytrail tablet chips have had open source drivers in the mainline Linux kernel since at least early last year (the earliest commits may go all the way back to 2012), and considering that Intel's Gen7 graphics system is very well documented, I'd have to disagree there.

Comment You got the correct message (Score 2) 134

I'm glad you got the satire... I've been running Linux on any machine under my direct control since 2000 and I did my Master's thesis by hacking on a Linux Security Module for domain & type enforcement back when the 2.6 Kernel was still in beta... so I'm not exactly shilling for Microsoft.

I'm also not a fan of complacency. While I really like that a whole lot of devices run Linux, if they can't be updated to address security issues in a very easy (even completely automated) manner, then Linux can be just as vulnerable as Windows or anything else.

Comment That's impossible (Score 5, Funny) 134

Linksys routers run Linux and Linux is Open Source. Therefore there are no bugs because theoretically someone can look at the code and fix the code.

This also means that it's impossible for bad people to look at the code and exploit the code because Open Source makes everyone honest by magic.

Oh, and by virtue of being able to look at the code, Linksys routers magically patch themselves before the bugs even come into existence!

In conclusion, Windows is the cause of all security problems.

Comment Much like Galileo (Score 0, Flamebait) 177

The conclusion of the EU report will be: IT'S NOT FAIR! How come those degeneration AMERICANS get to have all the spying! We'll build our OWN spy network... with blackjack! and hookers!

In fact, just push back the start of the spy network while doubling the budget every couple of years or so and let us have the hookers now!

Comment Serves him right! (Score 3, Funny) 894

He's obviously a denialist and he got off easy.

The wood that he unscrupulously and capitalistically exploited for his burgeious profit contraption could have reduced ALGORE'S carbon footprint if he hadn't murdered it for his own selfish amusement. I'm just disturbed that this 1%er scum wasn't thrown into our enviromental reeducation camps for his crimes against science.

Comment Re:Fuck religion. (Score -1, Troll) 903

"Women have a right to have control over their own bodies."

Really? Forcing other people (including other women) to pay for birth control for other women doesn't sound like you want women to control "their own bodies" to me.

You do realize that those "right wing neanderthals" you love to charicature are just saying that if women want birth control they should just go out and... you know.. buy it at a store. Just like everything else in life.

True story: Birth control prices for the lady in my life went UP by a pretty massive amount since your God and personal Savior Obama took office. So basically, when that neanderthal Bush was president, it was easier for women to be "enslaved" by going out and spending their own money to buy birth control on their own since women are actually capable of indepdent thought.

1970's feminists: Women are free and independent and can buy their own birth control!

2010's feminists: Women are stupid and weak and need to have their birth control provided for them by the Government using other people's money because expecting women to think for themselves and be independent is sexist!

Comment Consumer grade vs. Enterprise Grade (Score 5, Insightful) 293

Slightly more seriously than my last post, the S3500 was the only enterprise-grade SSD tested in that batch. Frankly, I have little sympathy for you if you expected consumer-grade SSDs to perform like Enterprise-grade SSDs in a mission-critical application.

Consumer grade drives, even/especially the "high performance" ones that will often benchmark better than the "overpriced" enterprise drives, ain't designed to have perfect data retention. Of course, consumer or enterprise, any drive can fail and appropriate measures including RAID and backup* should always be in place no matter what type of drive you have.

* Yes, RAID != backup, I know, don't bother making that post.

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