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Comment Re:Figures. (Score 1) 89

By constructing this equivalency, you are essentially saying that the US would experience no change whatsoever, either for better or for worse, if it were to nationalize and place under a propaganda department every existing media outlet, make private publishing illegal, and punish bloggers and celebrity commentators for publishing views different from the government narrative.

Most Slashdotters typically have a history of voicing disgust at the encroachment of government censorship within the US. However, if you truly believe your above equivalency, then there should be no disgust towards the US government at all in your comment history. Am I correct?

Comment Re:Figures. (Score 2) 89

Fox News isn't a government sanctioned or government supported news outlet. You should at the very least compare NPR with CCTV to get anywhere close to a valid comparison. By the way, did you watch Chinese language CCTV or CCTV-9 International? Big difference there if you didn't know.

Comment Re:Figures. (Score 2) 89


Maybe this ieee Spectrum author has a subtle personal bias and he injected a single provocative word, who knows? At least the story wasn't written for a government owned media outlet, passed through government censors working under the guidance of national political bias. Try People's Daily sometimes.

Comment Re:NB4 too much regulation (Score 1) 470

Free markets and regulation aren't mutually exclusive. You're building a strawman when you say "free marketeers" are for "unregulated capitalism" -- it's like saying the communist fringe of OWS who talk about "fair share" are of the same mindset as President Obama just because he too uses that phrase.

Comment Re:I guess the propaganda is working. (Score 1) 425

Is laying the accusation of "anti-Iranian" making the same mistake as laying accusations of "anti-American"? Are the people and government of Iran inseparable, and impossible to critique the latter without offending the former? Would all the criticism of US political/economic/foreign policy in Slashdot threads about US scientific achievements also be Anti-American in your eyes (boy that would be a LOT of anti-Americanism for one site)? For your rationale to be consistent, they must be anti-American, but I suspect you would go by a different standard in those cases.

Comment Re:it's the children that suffer (Score 5, Insightful) 206

China is a bit behind, but it isn't in the 1850's. Child labor (defined as employment of people under 16 years of age) is illegal, and there exists compulsory education for children (as best as can be implemented in practice, of course), the same as any modern country* I'm quite certain that Apple and the Chinese government are on the same page with regard to their moral/legal stance on child labor. What bugs me is that there's no mention of the local government taking charge on the issue, and that Apple is tasked with doing what the government should be doing.

*Translate with your preferred service:

Comment Re:And you expected something else...? (Score 1) 514

I know this is terribly unfair, but should we not hold Progressives to a higher standard of conduct in terms of intelligent decisions and rational thought in the same way we hold the United States to a higher standard of conduct in terms of freedom and human rights? After all, no one brings up how bad Iran is when others speak of America's deficiencies in those areas. What you claim to be is how you are judged, right?

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