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Comment Re:I could have told you that. (Score 1) 938

... and btw.

Some kids gets bullied more than others, so if it only was the bullies which where dicks then wouldn't all other kids become bullied of them in a somewhat equal amount?

For some reason they seem to choose their target.

Though I think it's not totally fair to put all the blame on the victim and only see them as the problem and not ask oneself why the bullies have to behave like dicks in the first place, not all kids do.

Comment Re:I could have told you that. (Score 1) 938

That's not the answer they give.

And even if you're not bullied later in life (eventually mostly because you're so alone ..) the lack of understanding social situations may still affect many aspects of your life.

Other interesting (I hope) articles they had linked from the same page:
Understanding the 10 Most Destructive Human Behaviors
10 Things Schools Don't Teach Well

If you (the reader) got bullied in school go ask yourself how well you master the following skills all from the article above:
* Listen to others.
* Follow the steps.
* Follow the rules.
* Ignore distractions.
* Ask for help.
* Take turns when you talk.
* Get along with others.
* Stay calm with others.
* Be responsible for your behavior.
* Do nice things for others.

Speaking for myself I know which ones I would had rated quite low.

Comment Re:Monopoly? (Score 1) 437

Hey, I'm all for ending the war on drugs, but Coca-Cola was not trying to taste like cocaine, it was made with cocaine -- 9 mg per glass until 1909. Coca leaves, kola nut extract, carbonated water and sugar. I can understand why they'd drink it.

But what we have now is worthless to consume and not even that pleasant. The reason we consume it is because we're told we should. By advertising. Mmmm... Slurm!

Comment Re:Survival of mankind (Score 1) 283

Personally, I feel that if we're going to colonize the moon (or Mars), that responsibility should not be put in the hands of NASA, the USA, or any other hypercapitalist nation for that matter. What these bean counters love to ignore is that, once we hit space, money/wealth will quickly become irrelevant. I don't know about you, but I can't picture debt collectors chasing me through the galaxy so some dirty banker can buy a diamond-encrusted iPad.

Comment Re:As a Chrysler owner I don't understand (Score 0, Offtopic) 913

>When my car got stuck, sure it was a little surprising at first, hard to slow down for the turn I already committed myself to (stood with my full weight on the brake) but after >that I put it in neutral (it is an automatic, they have an N position) and when the motor started revving like crazy I just turned off my engine (careful to only click once so >the steering wheel lock isn't activated), flipped on my hazard lights and coasted to a place where I could pull over conveniently.

>What I don't understand is how I can figure this out, but a CHP officer kills his family in a 100mph crash from the same sort of problem? Yes, he got going that fast, without >ever thinking about just turning the damn thing off. California's finest indeed, it's sad because the CHP are held up as experts in driving and safety.

That's just a part of the myth they maintain, that they're the experts in everything to do with cars and their operation. In reality the CHP is a bunch of state sanctioned thugs who try to maximize profit by handing out as many tickets as possible. It just goes to show that the CHP officer who crashed due to the stuck accelerator didn't have the critical thinking skills needed to get out of the situation.

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