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Comment Re:TTL value (Score 1) 58

If browsers don't impose such a minimum, devices with embedded web servers (think printers and home routers) become vulnerable to Cross-Site Request Forgery. They can potentially defend against this by checking the Host header on requests, but since these devices are only manageable through the web there's no good way to establish what the correct value is.

Comment Re:sort of like? (Score 1) 375

Explorer isn't the window manager, although it does have some integration to make minimised windows appear within the task bar. The window manager largely runs as a library within the application (USER32.DLL). Windows 2000 added the feature that lets you force minimisation or kill the window's owner if it doesn't process window management messages quickly. (I don't know what component or process handles this.) More recently DWM.EXE was introduced to handle some window management and particularly compositing.

Comment Re:This is where Intel rules (Score 1) 97

Apple has way too much experience being burned by Motorola and IBM both being unable to supply chips in heavy demand.

As I recall, Motorola and IBM had no problem with regular supply. The problem was that Apple was the only major customer for desktop/laptop-suitable PowerPC processors, and those vendors quite reasonably expected long-term order commitments for these products while Apple wanted more flexibility. With Intel, Apple is just one of many customers and while it has less control over x86 processor development it also doesn't have to make such commitments.

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