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Comment GRE Subject Tests (Score 1) 368

Back when it was Regents, you could get a "concentration" basically just by getting an above mean score on a GRE subject test. Since I believe the guy who started the Triple Nine IQ Society had about a dozen of them, that became a bit of a fad. I picked up English Lit, Sociology, Political Science and History -- yup, accredited as long as you say it's a "concentration" -- in a year for chuckles for slightly over a $1000 total back when the economy was good to add to my traditional two majors. I always had a sneaking suspicion the college hated our guts for making fun of the process and we may have screwed it for other people. You can still get credit but, offhand, I think it's more like half a concentration for a score significantly better than mean.

Nonetheless, if you pass several GRE subjects tests, I imagine that's still a lot of elective credits received very, _VERY_ cheaply.

Comment Flop sweat of a dying corporation (Score 1) 503

Before this week's layoffs, Forbes did an analysis back in January on why Best Buy was in a slow, horrible death spiral. This panic over demanding a driver's license is just part of the apocalyptic horror. And it's a demonstration of the short-sighted, reactive, anti-consumer leadership that painted them into this corner. Clearly, they've decided morons are their target demographics because who else will now buy more than one big ticket item at Best Buy more than once every 90 days? Guess it takes one to know one.

Comment If he hadn't pushed the "compatible" Plus/4 (Score 2) 301

I'd have known a lot less about computers -- since the built-in decompiler came in handy when "compatibility" with C64 programs meant you had to recode because they moved the video addresses, among other things. I guess sometimes the best master is the one who throws you down a well and makes you find your own way out.

Comment Re:Better phrasing (Score 1) 146

Indeed. I don't hear the statement saying that every employee is a uniquely valued snowflake. One can read a bit of the opposite in the tone, really, if the idea presented turns out to be stupidly thought out, but it expresses an open and non-punitive philosophy on the part of the company to keep an open ear to ideas that seems very reasoned.


Submission + - SPAM: Facebook Security Hole Found on iPhone, Android Devices

afmediagroup writes: "inShare

A security flaw in Facebook’s mobile apps can be easily tapped by thieves searching for personal information about you.

The problem is that Facebook’s app for iOS and Android devices doesn’t encrypt your login credentials, making them a sitting duck for bad apps or a poisoned USB connection.

“A rogue application, or two minutes with a USB connection, are all that’s needed to lift the temporary credentials from either device,” Bill Ray wrote in The Register."

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Submission + - LibreOffice 3.5.2 Fixes Lots of Bugs (

An anonymous reader writes: Row styles exports, slideshow transparency fixes, and fixes in the title field are among a host of fixes that has appeared in this new release.

Comment Re:not real time internet, but same content (Score 1) 387

It's true and it's weird. If you let a kid experience an hour at 300 baud on a Commodore he'd go crazy, but I'm sometimes surprised at how blase I am. Like the speed bump of a new computer that you're already used to the next day, it's all just been little bumps: maybe around 2400 bps when the text speed was getting pleasant, USENET, Mosaic, streaming audio, then video, then Skype, etc.

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