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Comment Agreed (Score 1) 1

I signed up for the account activity report and expected the main landing page, but did not expect that that was it. I would expect that clicking on any of the sections would lead to more detailed break down of information. But noep. that is it. pretty useless. The one saving grave of the report is that it does show that I opted out of the web history project because there was nothign listed. well at least it shows that google isn't showing me any of my web history. Not that they don't have it. :-P

Comment Log it all (Score 2) 330

You could just allow blanket access, require everyone using a connection to get MAC address filtered access (so you know every device requesting access) and then log everything. Then provide stipulations that any live chat or forum use is forbidden. Anything except reputable / academic sources is forbidden. To make it extra fun, tail the log of the access point live (projector?) and grep it through a few good regex to weed out junk and find any terms associated with IRC, forums, etc etc. Allow them to ask for white listing sources, or provide your own (allow wikipedia, but not the discussions on each page which can be used to carry out conversations, etc). Or just allow all net access but restrict access to just the sites you think are of use (wikipedia, specific journals, publisher's reference information, google for unit converting on the search bar, etc).

Comment who is responsible (Score 1) 584

But then if children watch porn on library computers, is the library liable for allowing access to age restricted content on their systems? If the man was viewing porn on a computer in a public place, then he could be thought of the same as showign porn mag to kids.... and that is pretty much a endangerment or Lude & Lascivious crime right there.

Comment Foward thinking or ill advised - Time Will Tell (Score 1) 311

wow, finally a /. article that hits home for my state and industry. I was part of the supporters of 2 of Luna's 3 proposals this legislative year. This was the 1 proposal I was not in favor of. Partly because it shifted money out of the state for expensive gadgets / technology. And partly because teachers are already hampered enough as it is with idiotic curriculum dictated by district wide contracts with textbook grant related subsidies. Technology isn't by itself a magic bullet. The use of it and efficiency of how this plan is implemented will determine if this was forward thinking, or just pandering to a few computer makers looking for a big contract.

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