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Comment Re:ONE THING I agree with Chomsky on (Score 5, Insightful) 530

The normal rule of gunnery is to shoot, and then whatever you happen to hit: call that the target. ;-) With terrorism, whoever you missed is the target. And whoever you hit, is your weapon against that target. But in order to work, it requires the cooperation of the target. If the target does not choose to react fearfully, then the terrorism does not accomplish its objective.

Does the same thing apply to carjacking? Armed robbery?

No. The goal of carjacking is to get a ride; the goal of robbery is to obtain value. Deciding to not fear it, does not deny your adversary his goal.

But terrorism is about persuading the survivors, the technically-not-victims. Nobody ever carjacks in order to get the next car to lock their doors. Nobody commits armed robbery in order to manipulate a third party (movie script counter-example: Die Hard, but the FBI was manipulated as part of a "Briar Patch" strategy, rather than terrorism(*)).

e.g. Not Terrorism: "Your tank factory and its workers are gone. This gains me a numeric advantage in next month's tank battle." Terrorism: "Your tank factory and its workers are gone. Surrender or else I'll wreck more of your expensive factories and kill more of your workers."

(*) Does this happen in real life? What believed acts of terrorism were actually not?

Comment Constitutional basis for compulsory terroree-ism (Score 1) 530

The president has constitutionally-granted authority over of the armed forces. We have a legal draft. Combine those two things, and ergo, it is within generally-accepted powers for the president to be able to label you a Designated Terroree, such that you're required to be afraid whenever told to, if people being afraid is believed to be militarily advantageous.

OTOH, the Third Amendment means that you don't have to be afraid whenever you're at home. So the president's legal powers over your emotions are limited, somewhat.

Comment Re:NOPE! (Score 1) 217


I don't have a ton of experience with native English speakers outside of Americans so I didn't want to claim that problem for anyone else.

The lack of third person plural is an interesting thing. The funny thing is in some places in the USA y'all wont do it either. Y'all has become second person singular and "all y'all" is the plural.

Of course every language has it's oddities. I do think getting a functional command of English is pretty easy. I think that part of this is that English speakers are used to hearing it used in so many different ways. I'm trying to learn Hungarian and let me tell you, aside from being intrinsically difficult, native speakers are not used to hearing it from any one but other native speakers who all use it in pretty much identical fashion. (There is one small group that have an 'accent' sort of but I think that's pretty uncommon.)

The really nice thing about having more than one language at your disposal is that you can use the one that works better for the situation. When I'm talking with a Hungarian in English and I'm not sure if they are saying 15 or 50, I just switch to Hungarian numbers and there's not an issue any more.

Comment gui kit (Score 1) 5

Feel free to knock yourself out with wxPython - but I really recommend taking a good look at PyQT if you haven't already. It is a joy to work with and just a very, very nice way to build good Python guis.

They have great tools for building the interface if you want to go that route. Though of course you don't have to, you could code it all. And there are a ton of really good guides out there to help show you how to get started. The new Python plugin for KDevelop includes a nice template that will give you everything you need to get started right out of the box.

Anyway - just a thought.

Comment Re:not exactly a lot of money (Score 4, Insightful) 99

It's more than just the monetary cost. It's a morality issue.

Is it moral to take, under threat of jail, funds from anyone, no matter how small, to pay for Facebook likes?

Our government is immoral. Cases such as this serve to highlight it.

Apologist for our immoral government will continue to say, "oh, what's a million dollars here or there" not realizing or denying how obscene their position actually is.

Comment Re:Whole Trial is bullshit (Score 1) 325

> Therein is the problem, laws should not be based on "feelings". So called "stand your ground" laws are bad policy.

It's not about "feelings". It's about "state of mind". And "state of mind" has EVERYTHING to do about the law.

Medical doctor touches a hotties ass in a clinical setting, that's therapeutic.

Pervert touches a hotties ass in a subway, and gets locked up.

Same action. Only difference is state of mind.

Comment Re:Region locking (Score 1) 3

Our wii is region locked. So my son's friend brought over a game and they couldn't play it. I've seen that the new xbox and playstation wont have region blocking so that seems to be moving in a good direction.

A lot of stuff on the web is region locked - I run into it on youtube constantly. The vpn I use gets me around a lot of stuff but misses on youtube a lot. (It only routes traffic for certain things so that I don't take the performance hit when I don't need to.) In fact google is horrible about this. Often when they release new Android apps they are US only. I can't even go to the Nexus 7 sales page without being on the vpn.

That's mostly it. There are the things that are just different - but that's not the same. It is annoying how much stuff the US does differently than just about everyone else. It would be nice if my home country got on board with everybody else in terms of the metric system for example. Coax connectors in Europe are different. The power system of course and so on. My son's bicycle might have a leaky tire, so I'll be finding out if wheel sizes are the same. I know valve stems are different so it will mean a new pump. But the longer I live here the less stuff I have where that matters.

I would say that so far in my travels and living in Europe my experience hasn't been that these schemes enforce higher prices in the US. I'd guess the US is in the middle, with developing nations lower and developed nations other than the US paying higher prices. Though this can be tough to judge. For example here the sales tax is higher and the manufacturer has to honor much longer warranty terms per EU law.

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