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Comment Re:Who to believe? (Score 1) 203

I decided to move all of my domains a little less than a year ago because the old registar's interface sucked (no ability to bulk-change contact info) and it was rather expensive anyway. I spent a lot of time researching registrars to see which ones had a good reputation, and NameCheap came up a lot. I ended up using NameCheap, and I've been happy so far. My point is just that if you've never heard of NameCheap, I think you're paying very little attention to the domain name business, because they are quite well-known.

Comment Re:Stupid headline (Score 1) 213

You could play out that entire scenario without the Google Wallet info. Look up the phone number from some random person in the phone book, call them, and say "Good morning Mr. Smith, I'm with your bank's fraud unit, and we saw a large transaction on your Mastercard and wanted to verify that it is legitimate..." Sure, it might be a little more convincing if you knew the last 4 digits of the card and info about an actual transaction, but that just bumps up your probability of success a bit.

Comment What a mess: No patch for 9 and no IFilter for X (Score 1) 236

The summary makes no mention of a patch for Reader 9, but some of us have been stuck with Reader 9 because Reader X has no IFilter to allow PDF indexing by search tools (even worse, installing Reader X removes any older IFilter that you might already have). So we get to choose between having a security hole or an IFilter. Thanks, Adobe.

Comment Re:Why is CarrierIQ an issue? (Score 5, Informative) 130

According to this video Carrier IQ has the ability to capture URLs that are entered, including HTTPS URLs. When a browser makes a secure connection (HTTPS), the URL is encrypted before the browser transmits it to the target webserver to protect any sensitive information it may contain. So the carrier would not be able to log such URLs through their equipment -- Carrier IQ allows them to do it by intercepting before encryption is applied.

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