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Comment Re:Movies too (Score 1) 408

I do, but I think that's part of the problem. I hear the dialogue out of the center channel only in most cases, whereas music comes out of all (or at least, more of) the speakers. Content producers should probably be lowering the volume of the music to make up for this, I would think.

Comment Re:My smart phone is great at everything except... (Score 1) 519

Somebody didn't pay attention in telephone etiquette class. It is the responsibility of the party who placed the initial call to return the call in the event of connection interruption. This is how it was with landline phones dating back to the 40s. This way, you never have the problem of both people calling at the same time and getting busy signals (well, voicemail these days). I guess it isn't your fault. Very few parents are passing ANY kind of etiquette, much less technological etiquette, to their children anymore. I was lucky that my parents taught me this when I was young and first started using telephones back in the 80s.

Comment Re:The future of local weather coverage (Score 2, Interesting) 180

The NWS no longer issues county-specific warnings. They still announce things like county names and regions, but that's only so people know if they're in the warning zone or not. The warnings themselves are shaped and sized according to specifically where the severe weather event will be. Take a look at the warning map on your local NWS office's website the next time they issue one.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 220

I think it's a problem with your computer. I have the first generation Sprint-branded Centro, and it begins charging immediately when I plug it in to any USB port. I've tried it on my (Windows) desktop, (Mac) laptop, a USB AC adapter for an iPod, and even a powered USB hub that wasn't actually plugged into a computer. It worked every time. Either the specific port(s) you're using have something wrong with them, your phone has something wrong with it, or maybe if you have it from a different provider it's crippled (like how the AT&T Centro is EDGE, whereas the Sprint and Verizon models are 3G).

Comment Re:Getting one can be pain... (a.k.a. Best Buy suc (Score 1) 283

Are you talking about refunds in general, or refunds from Sprint in particular? I have been a Sprint customer for seven years, and have sent in five rebates in that time. I only received a check back for two of them. Two they claimed to never have received, one they said was postmarked a month after I sent it. All of them were sent in within a week of purchasing the phone, before the deadline, and were filled out perfectly and included all the required paperwork. This doesn't seem to be an isolated thing, either. A lot of people have trouble getting Sprint to honor rebates.

Comment Re:So, i guess you don't have DSL? (Score 1) 635

In September 2003 when Hurricane Isabel hit NC/VA, we lost power about six hours in, came back on after three days. Cable TV/Internet went out two hours after that, came back on around the time the electricity did. Cellular service was down within 24 hours, came back up 36 hours later. Still working during those 36 hours of cellular downtime, and in fact through the entire hurricane and aftermath without any interruption whatsoever, was our landline telephone service. Say what you will about landline service being obsolete, but you can't tell me it isn't a rock solid system that's designed to work through situations that would render cell phones useless.
PC Games (Games)

Second GTA IV Patch Released, Early Look At DLC 41

IllusionMPN notes that a new patch has been issued for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. It primarily contains bug fixes and optimization changes, though it's created an issue with some input devices. We're also starting to get hands-on previews of the upcoming downloadable "episodic content," The Lost and the Damned. Trailers and an achievement list are available as well. The original game's Niko Bellic won't have much of a role in the new content.

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