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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What's the best way to allow wedding guests to share photos? 1

seinman writes: I recently got engaged, and am in the process of setting up a website with information about us and our wedding. Now that everyone has digital cameras and camera phones, there will be hundreds of pictures taken by our guests that I'd love to have access to original, high quality copies of. I'd like to set up a page on our site where guests can upload their personal photos from the event. It would have to be private so nobody else can see each user's photos, but it has to be easy for all of our guests to understand and use. I was considering printing cards with instructions and/or a unique password for each user to hand out at the reception to help accommodate this requirement. Are there any good software packages (preferably open source of course) that would make this easy? I am not skilled in HTML or scripting, so would be unable to roll my own.

Comment Re:Still useful. (Score 1) 277

Who said anything about an iPhone? The OP just said cell phone, and didn't mention the "Find my iPhone" app or anything, just "GPS tracking." My brother had a $10 flip phone that had that feature. We had a service called family locator, and even the cheapest phones they sold supported it. I don't see a problem with giving a child an inexpensive cell phone, especially since pay phones are few and far between these days.

Comment Re:20 years later... (Score 1) 157

Alice will notice the difference. The text balloons for SMS messages are green, and they're blue for iMessages. It also says "Text message" or "iMessage" in the text box before you start typing your message to indicate how the message will be sent.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 203

Exactly. I have been regularly reading Slashdot for about 10 years now. I come here for the comments, mostly. I tend to get the actual stories/articles earlier from other sites that I frequent, but the conversation here is always insightful. Yes, even now, I still feel that way; although the quality of the comments have gone downhill from the early days.

Comment Re:What's another $90... (Score 1) 315

The Palm Pre DOES have a user-replaceable battery. I had three batteries for mine that I was constantly swapping out because they only last about 10 hours if you actually use the damn phone. I'm very happy with my new iPhone 4S, even if it does have battery issues and even though I can't swap out the battery, it still lasts twice as long as my old Pre did.

Comment Re:Speed (Score 1) 190

You're only getting 60% of what you've been promised, and you're calling that "pretty good?" I'd call that pretty terrible. I'm in the US on Comcast (so there's two things working against me) and I regularly get 90% to 125% of my advertised line speed.

Comment Re:Correction (Score 1) 369

The fact that you think Limewire represents less than 50% of all file sharing should be telling as to just how out of touch you are.

Idiots use Limewire. 95% of the internet is idiots. Damn near 100% of the computers I've had to clean up for spyware, viruses, etc. had Limewire installed (I'm not saying Limewire caused this, I'm just saying that the type of people who tend to get viruses are the type of people who tend to use Limewire). Pre-teens, teenagers, and even their dumb parents all use Limewire because it's free, it's easy, and everyone's heard of it. Seriously, ask around at the local high school, I promise you that the vast majority of kids who download music are doing it through Limewire.

Only the smart people use torrents or usenet, and let's face it, there aren't a lot of smart people out there. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear that Limewire accounts for an even bigger chunk than 50%.

Comment Re:And once again... (Score 1) 538

Option 3: make the providers start obeying truth-in-advertising laws and actually fucking invest in network capacity again rather than pushing dishonest "up to X speed" plans where the users never see even a third of it.

I always see people claiming that the "up to X speed" claims are a big lie, but I've yet to see this in practice. Over the last decade, I've used high speed internet service (some DSL, some cable, some wireless) from WideOpenWest, Comcast, AT&T, Sprint, Clearwire, and Cox. With every single one, I was regularly and reliably able to get 100% of my advertised speeds from both speed tests and large file downloads. Even during peak times, I would rarely see it drop below 80% or so. The wireless providers would obviously fluctuate more than the wired, but even so, never a drop below 50%, and rarely even that low.

Comment Re:If you want CD-quality audio, buy CDs (Score 1) 550

Pressed CDs, which you refer to as "the real thing," are very cheap and high schoolers CAN afford them for their bands. You can get 1000 real, pressed CDs, jewel cases, and full color inserts for about $1200 (well, that was about three years ago, don't know what the current prices are). That's not terribly expensive, and small independent bands are doing it all the time. Taking the high school example, if you're in a band with four other people, you each need to get together just $240 for a run of discs. Not difficult at all.

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