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Comment Re:Wrong by law (Score 1) 601

I hate to be the one to shatter your precious little world, but we haven't had a president who hasn't lied to us about something. That said, I am not agreeing or disagreeing with you about the lies you allege Obama told. That's completely off topic, and I was just calling you out for saying he lied under oath, which he demonstrably did not.

Comment Re:Wrong by law (Score 1) 601

The person who started this thread did:

...have all demonstrably lied before congress in sworn testimony. That is perjury. That is illegal

Then I also said it when I originally called you out for saying that Obama was guilty of what the OP was talking about:

When did that happen? I don't ever recall Obama giving sworn testimony before Congress.

You ignored the part about lying in sworn testimony in your responses, perhaps being dishonest yourself, or maybe just oblivious to the fact that it is extremely relevant. But relevant it is. Politicians lying is unfortunate but not illegal. Lying during sworn testimony OTOH is very much a crime.

Comment Re:All of them. (Score 2) 226

There are reasons why people trust their data with Google more than other companies. The fact that they have projects like makes me less concerned about the possibility of being locked in to any of their products. People bitch about Google shutting down Reader, but Google makes it easy to export your subscriptions so you can use them in a new product. Also, Google does collect a lot of our data, but they are transparent about it and are pretty good about allowing people to opt out.

Comment Re:No! (Score 1) 303

I have the most recent version of Gmail app on two Nexus devices. The priority and important folders are most certainly there when you select "Show all labels". And I do have them hidden in the web interface, but that doesn't remove them. I use the hidden labels for lower priority stuff.

Comment Re:No! (Score 1) 303

No I'm not wrong on either count. I have both of those settings as you say already. In the app, the Priority Inbox option is only for making it default or not, the mailbox is still there either way. In the web page, I've always used Classic and I still have the Important label.

Comment Re:The ONLY Way this should work is... (Score 2) 309

Obviously the officer shouldn't have shot John Williams, but how is this an example of an officer strategically moving off camera? He was already off camera when he first tried telling the guy to put the knife down because that's where the guy was. There's nothing unusual about him being off camera in this case.

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