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Comment Re:priorities (Score 1) 58

As I recall, the latest Linux Skype client has been version Skype 2.1 Beta 2 for Linux for well over a year now, with no sign whatsoever of it progressing any further. Then again, I'm not too bothered about that, as newer Windows versions I have used have all been more bloated then previous ones with no appreciable additional functionality worth speaking of.

Comment Re:Not as long as it's done in a crippled way. (Score 1) 297

$400 for a netbook that doesn't run windows. Hell, doesn't even run when it's not hooked up to your phone. You can buy a netbook running windows 7 (or a full linux distro of choice) for under $300.

You can buy netbooks for under £/$200-250 these days, some with Win XP, but more running a Linux variant of some sort. I use an Asus EeePC 1000 running Easy Peasy 1.5, which is exactly what I need - all I use it for is light web browsing (Opera, sometimes Firefox for less W3C compliant web content), listening to music (hello Banshee), writing documents and the odd bit of spreadsheeting (OpenOffice). Simples!

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