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Comment Re:practicalities make it impossible.. (Score 1) 770

> Almost everybody simply regurgitates what they see on
> cable TV, or talks about their offspring.

That would actually be an improvement (though, admittedly, a small one). Around here, 92.7% of all conversation, among people over age 30 or so, consists of complaining about medical problems.

I've actually come to the conclusion that children are more interesting to talk to than adults. I don't remember that being the case when I was younger.

Comment Re:I would laugh... (Score 0) 413

The statement you gave is how it was sold, and is also a reasonable enough reason for the intervention in Bosnia. It does not cover Kosovo. Furthermore, look at the what the Muslim Bosniaks and Muslim Albanians have done since the NATO intervention - ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims from Sarejevo and ethnic cleansing of Serbs from most of Kosovo. There are incidents like the following all the time, initiated by Albanian Kosovars and usually ignored by Kosovo police:

What I'm saying is that how the NATO intervention was sold to us covered up inconvenient truths about the people we were helping. Furthermore, Western media chooses to ignore anything that is not on their "Narrative". When Muslims attack Serbs it is ignored by the West, no matter how systematic and frequent it is. If the Serbs react (which is relatively rare) then it will be flashed up. Sure, both sides should stop the attacks. However, our journalists are applying double standards. You ought to keep this in mind (and update your knowledge of the situation - your statements look about a decade out of date and could probably use refreshing with the reality of what has happened since the limelight left the region).

Comment Re:news for nerds (Score 0) 413

Furthermore, the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has a *significant* impact in the progress of their 'Cultural Jihad' that is sweeping across America as we speak (where they do a Jedi mind trick on the weak minded to lower resistance to Islamicization and Cultural Marxism):

ps. Obama and the Leftists Democratic leadership clearly have a marriage of convenience with the Muslim Brotherhood to break down the traditional (that is, 'classical liberal'/conservative/libertarian) position of American society. The fall of Morsi in Egypt is a great day for the Free World - even if most people don't know it or understand what is really going on (because many politicians and most media are keeping the truth from them):

Comment Re:I would laugh... (Score 0) 413

You do realize that Bill Clinton initiated several wars that killed thousands of innocent Serbs - to deflect attention from his peccadillos. Even if you agree that NATO should have intervened in Bosnia then you need to consider Kosovo as a separate case. In Kosovo Bill Clinton effectively helped the Islamicist Albanians ethniclly cleanse Serbians from Serbian territory. Please go and do the research. You won't hear the facts from the mainstream media as they are lying to you. Which is why you think Bill and Hilliary Clinton are great - when in fact they are terrible once you get past their veil of lies. GW Bush may have had plenty of faults (eg. not bright) but he didn't lie like the Clinton's did - think about it, despite all the pressure to find WMDs in Iraq (which had been moved to Syria by that time) or fake their presence he had to concede they weren't there. Which meant he didn't lie when he said he thought they were there, and he didn't lie when they weren't found. All of Bill and Hilliary Clinton and Obama are pathological liars. The reason you can't see this is because the veil of lies that the mainstream media put up - they have you in the Matrix. It's up to discover the truth about the International Leftist agenda (eg. using Islamic immigration and the Muslim Brotherhood against its foes), if you want:

Comment Re:regarding constitutions (Score 0) 413

Don't forget the Second Amendment - whose purpose is to remind citizens and their government of the right of citizens to keep and bear arms to put the government in its rightful place - serving the people - rather than what you have now with the Obama Administration (where the people are farmed for votes and taxes to further an agenda which doesn't match the will of the majority).

Comment Re:regarding constitutions (Score 0) 413

Actually the 2nd Amendment is all about resisting tyrranny. That's why people who understand the US Constitution resisted Obama's grab at the firearms the Constitution grants them to resist tyranny. The rest of your post is simply incorrect, it appears you need to do a lot more homework. The "Tea Party" pronouncements explain the Constitution in the modern age fairly well. Now, you have probably been trained by the Cultural Marxists in the media to recoil in horror at the mention of the word "Tea Party". They do this so you never look closely at what the Tea Party *actually* say, which can be summarized as "Let's get back to Constitutional principles". You might them understand why your post was so off-base and unfortunately, nonsense.

Comment Re:regarding constitutions (Score 0) 413

How is that different from our constitution

I suggest you read up on the barbarity of Sharia (which cannot be questioned by a "true" Muslim, incidentally, lest they become an apostate and therefore be subject to the death penalty). What is not important is what the proponents of Sharia have to say (Muslims are allowed to lie if it promotes Islam, it is called "taqiyya") but instead examine what the critics of Sharia have to say as they give a realistic picture. Incidentally, there are already 87 Sharia courts operating in Britain and numerous cases in the US where Sharia has trumped the US Constitution due to politically Left-leaning activist judges. Sharia is *evil* and against everything in the UN Declaration of Human Rights! (which is why the Islamists came up with a Sharia-compliant "Cairo Declaration of Human Rights" which opposes all the rights in the UN declaration).

Comment Re:Surpassing Vista (Score 1) 285


My stats (from the website of the public library where I work) for the entire second quarter show Eight lagging a couple percentage points behind Vista, but since it's increasing, that may no longer be the case at the end of the quarter. (The traffic volume on our site doesn't, in my judgment, really support looking at very much less than a quarter at a time, so I generally don't.)

But yeah, what you said: Vista has been on the decline here since early 2010. It peaked at about 25% usage share (a little more than half of what the then-leading version, XP, had) sometime in the second quarter of that year. 25%, incidentally, is several (perhaps five) times as much share as Eight has now.

It's also worth pointing out that Vista has less than two-thirds the usage share that XP has, and XP has less than one-third the usage share that Seven has. (Again, that's all for the whole second quarter.) Eight has roughly a tenth as much share as Seven.

Also, Eight is in a dead heat with Snow Leopard (Eight comes out slightly ahead of Snow Leopard on my numbers, but statistically, at our level of traffic, it's a wash) and has about twice as much usage share as Jelly Bean.

I suspect Eight adoption will pick up a bit when 8.1 comes out. In a couple more years, it may even manage to attain a higher usage share than XP.

Eight does not, however, appear to be much threat to Seven yet.

Comment Re:Oh, look! Just what the economy needs! (Score 0) 600

if you think the health care bill is a clusterfuck, just wait until you see the immigration bill being prepared. The Obama Administration is prepared to ignore the breaking of US law so it can get a flood of Democrat-floating immigrants (which the citizenry will have to pay benefits for; those citizens whose jobs have not been supplanted by the very low cost new labour). The Us needs immigration but already has a well established process for allowing this. Having an Administration that is so anti-Constitutional and anti-Rule of Law should wake the citizens up as to the danger of Big Government (no matter whether Democrats or Republicans), but most of the citizens either sleep on, of fight viciously against those who want small Government and limited Government power (eg. Libertarians, Tea Party etc).

Comment Re:No subject (Score 0) 417

How much torture goes on at Guantanamo again? Before you reply, please read the following to get some perspective (you are too credulous about the claims of the jihadis - which all jihadis are trained to make as suckers always fall for their taqiyya without questioning): [mentions the lies jihadis are trained to make. with reference] [these are the people Obama is arming!]

The political Left, their Islamist allies and the mainstream media are all lying to you. They construct a matrix hoping you will never learn the truth and see the walls they are building for you. I suggest you read the following two sites every day for a week if you want to get a glimpse past the matrix. Then come back to me after a week and tell me I have it all wrong:

The question you should be asking yourself is why do your news sources and politicians tell you these facts? why is the US always demonized as a torturer and the Muslims as victims, yet the daily slaughter of innocents and Muslims of other sects by jihadis swept under the carpet? The reason is that the Left want to destroy the West and remake it into their Socialist utopia (eg. just like the Soviet Union, shudder). So please get clued up on how you are being manipulated, man.

Comment Re:This is mostly outdated service (Score 0) 280

Wrong. It was also promoted by libertarians and classic liberals, who, last I checked, are in the right, the political compass notwithstanding.

I'd be interested to see which libertarians and classic liberals promoted the "no blood for oil" meme. I'd me most grateful if you had a few links handy showing this. Even if they did, I'm sill right - it was a meme originating from the Left (if if not exclusively).

Thanks for the rest of your post. Yes, this was one of many factors that made the decision to go to war. However, it was not the biggest factor. Consider this, GW Bush was telling the truth about WMD as far as he knew it. When the Coalition went it they searched and searched but did not find the WMDs (of course not, they had been moved to Syria by that stage). Think about it for a moment, the US had every reason to fake the presence of these but they did not. They must have believed they would find them. The "GW Bush" lied is as much a bad meme as the "US grabbing oil" meme. There were many reasons for GW Bush fulfilling what Bill Clinton got approval from Congress for - and the reason you presented was another motivating factor (thanks for re-iterating it so clearly).

Comment Re:This is mostly outdated service (Score 0) 280

Actually, NZ does (offshore). [I'm another NZer]

However, Uncle Sam doesn't need our oil. It didn't need Iraq's and didn't get much of Iraq's either. With the hasty pull-out of Iraq after the US won (without staying to stabilize like it did in Germany, Korea or Japan) then other countries like China got the oil (not that I have much of a problem with the oil; it is pulling out and allowing Iran to dominate Iraq that was utterly senseless). Here's a reference for you: "The War for Oil Myth"

So you might want to check your meme dude - it was false a decade ago and is false now. It was promoted by the anti-war outfits of the political Left (who condemn the US as immoral if they intervene; and condemn the US as immoral if they do not intervene). So please be aware of how your natural repulsion to the carnage of war is being manipulated for the political advancement of the Left.

The US and Canda have heaps of recoverable oil these days (thanks to advanced in oil extraction technology, fracking, the Keystone project etc). In fact, by 2017 the US is projected to be the World's top oil producer. Here's a reference for you:

Of course, the political Left will continue to chant "No blood for oil" for a long time. They deal with feelings and concepts, not with facts (usually if an open-minded liberal is exposed to facts for actually does research you find they become "conservative" in outlook and are quickly shunned by the fact-lite "fellow travellers" they left behind).

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