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Comment Re:Here's an idea... (Score 1) 301

Capacity planning: "Based on our performance monitoring over the last 6 months, (show the charts you've made) we have 4 systems that will require additional disk within six months at a cost of $x, and two that need additional memory immediately. My projections go out to a year based on current growth rates of our service."
What, you don't have performance monitoring statistics? You'd better start now. And learn how to do projections based on business growth rates.

Bottlenecks: "When we look at the end to end system, it seems that our primary bottleneck is in our backed SQL database. Transactions take 1.2 seconds to complete, while the rest of the system completes in .2 seconds. We'd like to spend $$ on a DBA to go over and optimize the queries."

Costs: "Running our entire data center costs $y per month. The electric company is due to raise rates in 3 months (yes, you call them and ask!) so our costs will increase to $z. We think we can offset that cost by calling the server manufacturers and ensuring that our warranty will cover things if we reduce our air conditioning by 3 degrees. We also have 6 servers coming off of warranty in 6 months. The cost to replace them will be $x which includes migration costs, and the cost to extend the warranty is $y."

Comment Re:Hands-free is allowed (Score 1) 364

Or in other words, most people on cell phones are intelligent enough to realize they are not driving under perfect conditions and react accordingly.

I think you have "cause" and "effect" backwards here. Drivers on cell phones drive so noticeably bad, that all the other drivers back up and avoid the selfish moron. Cell phone users are also the ones that tend to think they have a right to jam themselves in the passing lanes and then drive slower, thus jamming up traffic all around. Again, they're too damn selfish to just shut the fuck up for a few minutes and get to their destination.

Comment Easy (Score 2, Informative) 149

Use AD.
Even though folks will fuss and whine about AD being not pure LDAP, for all intents and purposes it is, and we've got lots of Linux and other *nix boxes using it for authentication. And remember, you can always extend AD for your custom applications easy enough. It's simple enough that MCSEs can run it.


Submission + - Captain America is dead...

The 4th State writes: "Marvel has killed off their oldest hero...such attrocities have not been seen since 1993 when DC killed off Superman. This was first read on,,2933,257398,00.html . It brings great sadness to such a great hero. After 9/11 many Americans feld back to this comic as he brought hope to a much needing public. What are your thoughts? was this a good move by Marvel? what is coming next??? are they spawning a new comic, or is this the end of the series?"

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