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Comment Re:Well, there is a problem here (Score 2, Informative) 320

Where did you find that quote, it definitely wasn't in the article linked to the story. Maybe you should take the time to read the story instead of basing it on the tainted summary. Right from the linked news article summary: "People who misrepresent themselves as officials in online comments could face civil, criminal penalties, Acevedo says." The problem is not the anonymous comments, but people posing as actual officers and stealing officer's identity. Here, from the first paragraph: "Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo says he and some of his officers have been harassed, lied about and had their identities falsely used in online blogs and in reader comment sections on local media Internet sites." Stealing someone's entity is definitely not on the same as posting anonymous comments. It falls under this new law: "State lawmakers this year passed a law that took effect Sept. 1 making it a third-degree felony to use another person's name to post messages on a social networking site without their permission and with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate or threaten."

Comment Re:Enough Already! (Score 1) 246

/. should at least intermix real stories and fake stories... so that there is some question on what is real/fake. 100% fake news is stupid and boring... Ideally the real stories should be something that at first glance some would consider fake - Like the person arrested for drunk driving on a bar stool.

Mix it up, make it interesting...

If you want 100% fake news... there is a website for that called the Onion...

Comment Re:Yeah, but how do you decide which one? (Score 1) 664

Pick one randomly... it doesn't matter... If someone doesn't see a signal on the channel they have, they will most likely try the other local channels. When they get to the channel that is still broadcasting, hopefully they will understand it and be able to fix the issue.

This just allows the information to get these people over the existing communication medium.

Comment Just keep one channel broadcasting for awhile. (Score 4, Insightful) 664

Why not just keep one of the channels in all the major markets broadcasting a continually loop telling people what they need to do if they want to watch TV... after a few months turn that off too.

This transition has been communicated to everyone for a long time. Delaying it will just add to the confusion.

Comment Re:Survey says.... (Score 1) 821

After Apple made a joke about this, during the Mac OS X Leopard release, I would think Microsoft would reduce the versions to at most a home and a business edition. It was so funny when Jobs said there would be multiple versions... just like Windows, then after a while, he said that the price for each was $129. He said that most people would pick the Ultimate version for $129 ;-)

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