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Comment Re:Corporations are Individuals (Score 1) 1070

I'm sympathetic to the cries of those who say a corporation is not an individual. But it seems like the people who say that always follow up with, "therefore we should get to screw companies any way we want". Just because a corporation is not truly an individual does not mean that they don't deserve protections under the law. And anyway, there's some extent to which trampling on corporations becomes trampling on the people who own or operate the corporations. If the CEO wants to give money to a candidate, and his or her board agrees and the company's bylaws don't prevent it, then who's to say the CEO can't do that?

Comment Google in New Spaces (Score 1) 176

it really appears that Google is going to be pushing into new spaces in the next few years

You could have said this at any point in Google's history. It's almost to the point that all Google stories should be marked dupe.

Comment Looking for the Right Thing (Score 3, Insightful) 251

This "ribbon" escaped detection by two former Voyager spacecraft, and is only now being detected by some new spacecraft that happened to be looking for something different. This "ribbon" is a ribbon by some specific property.

It's amazing, to me, how what we see is influenced to a great extent by what we're looking for. The manifold possibilities the universe presents to us!

The Military

Submission + - SecNav, CNO: Women should serve on subs (navytimes.com)

lousyd writes: "No less than the US Chief of Naval Operations has come out on the side of reviewing the policy of male-only submarine crews. Women make up approximately 12 percent of the 1.2 million U.S. service members on active duty. With women having served in the United States military throughout American history, the claustrophobic confines of the submarine force are one of the last frontiers for women warriors. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said, "I believe women should have every opportunity to serve at sea, and that includes aboard submarines." As a former submariner myself, I say it's about time."

Submission + - SpaceX Announces Dragon as First Falcon 9 Payload (spaceflightnow.com)

BJ_Covert_Action writes: "SpaceX announced yesterday that it would be integrating a stripped down test version of its own Dragon cargo capsule as the payload for its first Falcon 9 test launch. The Falcon 9 rocket is currently scheduled to launch on November 29 of this year if everything goes according to plan. However, Elon Musk admits that launch day will likely slip to sometime early next year. The Falcon 9 is the heavy launch vehicle designed by SpaceX to be used as a cheap, commercial alternative to existing United States launch platforms. Having launched a few successful light missions with the Falcon 1 rocket, SpaceX is going to launch the Falcon 9 as its next milestone in commercializing the space industry.

Utilizing its own cargo capsule as the first Falcon 9 payload will effectively give SpaceX twice the tests for one launch slot on the Cape Canaveral range. The capsule that will be used is a test version of the full Dragon capsule that encompasses primarily the structure and a few components of the full version. It served originally as a ground test platform for the Dragon design team and now will double as an orbital testbed. If nothing else, the announcement, which was detailed by Spaceflightnow.com upped the ante in the commercial space market by showing the SpaceX is capable and willing to push the envelop on its development schedules. It should serve as a proper motivator for other commercial competitors such as Orbital Sciences with their Cygnus capsule which is also under development."


Submission + - Space Shuttles Could Fly Beyond 2011 (spacefellowship.com)

xp65 writes: "Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos head Anatoly Perminov said earlier today in Moscow that he hopes that the US space shuttle program will be prolonged, adding he has been informed of the possibility of shuttles flying beyond 2011. "We have received information from certain sources that the use of space shuttles could be extended beyond 2011," Perminov was quoted in Interfax, adding that this information arrived through unofficial channels. As of now, NASA plans only six more shuttle missions, with the program ending by late 2010 or early 2011 after the construction of the International Space Station (ISS) is complete."

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