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Comment Re:Such a wonderful person (Score 1) 243

He has been refining MDMA and trying to extract it from local flora. Large doses of MDMA over prolonged periods can (usually does, from what I know of it) cause serious paranoia. The type of paranoid that makes you see things that aren't there. Shadows in the corners of your eyes, everyone's out to get you type of paranoia.
He did this under a veil of secrecy and lies, duping Harvard researchers into signing-off on his drug hunt disguised as a cure to various disease. If you're not finding him suspicious, then you're not reading the articles that are quite clear on his recent history.

Comment Re:Open Source information? (Score 1) 346 "History The Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) was created in 1941 to access and exploit OSINT in relation to World War II. A classic example of their value and success is reflected in the price of oranges in Paris as an indicator of whether railroad bridges had been bombed successfully."

Comment Version 2 meh (Score 4, Interesting) 96

So far I'm not a fan of Version 2. They've detached themselves from Google servers and I know why they did it. Google just released Chrome Remote Desktop, which is a VERY fine replacement for TeamViewer-type implementations. Surely Google will add this to Android's Chrome stack and then it's truly game on for all of these me-too NAT-traversing, competing remote desktop applications. Interesting times ahead in this space.

Comment Re:five years for 10 viewings? (Score 1) 314

Wow. First of all, I'm not sure what would make something "officially the stupidest," is there a panel of judges for this sort of thing?
Secondly, where did he say "is the only thing preventing the murder?" I read his post again, and honestly, I can't find it.
If you're going to go around labeling posts as "stupidest" you might want to have something intelligent to say, or at least something coherent.
You are a complete tool, please stay away from slashdot. Thank you.

Comment Re:Anti-groups are obsessed with what they hate (Score 1) 636

Yeah, you were onto something there until you went full-in on the trolling:
"these PC using trolls seem obsessed with it. Do you see mac users talking incessantly about it? No, because mac users come from all walks of life and most of them are grown up people living on their own instead of little trolls living in their mother's basements obsessed with anal rape and apple users."
You're a total tool.
Besides the fact that your comments are an obvious troll (if it's not obvious to you, then you're less intelligent than you give yourself credit for); you do it while claiming your 'side' doesn't troll? Jesus.
You think Apple users don't troll? Go look at what's happened to Engadget. Look at any Android post on just about ANY tech blog and the Apple trolls come out in droves.

Comment Next step... (Score 1) 76

Next step is to make a pilot-optional UAV fighter with an armed jet-packed pilot. Something like the guy that just jettisoned across the Grand Canyon, but take that tech further, and make it more compact. Then of course you could outfit the pilot with the ability to fly the UAV while he's flying himself to safefy, or dropping himself quickly behind enemy lines. The pilot's arms would house another micro-UAV attack drone on each, which he could deploy while in the air, jettisoning himself about; to distract or target any bogeys that might lock on him or his larger UAV. Round this all out by making the whole package small enough to be launched from a larger, possilby pilot-optional craft with one or two under each wing. THEN we're talking. Pilot-optional UAVs all the way down.

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