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The Military

Russian Army Upgrades Its Inflatable Weapons 197

jamax writes "According to the BBC: 'The Russian military has come up with an inventive way to deceive the enemy and save money at the same time: inflatable weapons. They look just like real ones: they are easy to transport and quick to deploy. You name it, the Russian army is blowing it up: from pretend tanks to entire radar stations.' But the interesting thing is these decoys are not dumb - actually they appear to be highly advanced for what I thought was a WWII-grade aerial photography countermeasures. Apparently they have heat signatures comparable with the military tech they represent, as well as the same radar signature."

Comment You thought you'd sneak that by me? (Score 2, Insightful) 287

Nah, little Snitch will tell me. I really do hate that Google Chrome feature; just when I least expect it one of the Google background processes is for no apparent reason trying to connect to certain sites. Makes me wary, even if for the right reasons some software tries to sneak in any update without telling me. Even Apple gives me more freedom there.

Comment Re:Windows as a Real World State? (Score 2, Informative) 374

Yes of course it's an old country, because it's not like it popped into existence out of nowhere suddenly 20 years ago. There's a ton of history that happened to the same people living there and while governments might change and even constitutions that doesn't mean that the country ceases to exist

Or are you going to argue that Egypt is only 87 years old? Let's just not look at the Pyramids, because they didn't exist 87 years ago? I find it even more impressive that they knocked up those suckers in such a short time, didn't they?

Only Britain morphed into its current state still being a constitutional monarchy, while other constitutional monarchies in Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Spain) did what?

Got sucked into the vaults of history through a dimensional gate, just to be popping out of nowhere with a different population, and a constitution written from scratch? Total bullocks. That's just a very twisted way of making up for your inferiority complex due to lack of history as a country. Get over it. Being older doesn't make you better and being a younger nation doesn't either.

And yes there also is Switzerland, a democracy much older than yours. Just to mention.

Comment Re:Let it die. (Score 2, Informative) 554

Tell this Georg Friedrich Händel (1685 - 1759) and he'll laugh his ass off. He was probably the best paid musician of his time. And music made him extremely rich. He just hit the right taste of the rich people sponsoring/hiring him.

Most of the Music written from the 17th century onwards was basically contract work written for rich people. Bach has written most of his works being sponsored. Mozart, too. The whole idea that Music must not be paid for is ludicrous.

Even the Minnesänger in Medieval times (12th - 15th century) had pretty well paid jobs at the royal and imperial courts. They didn't write their Minnelieder (minne - noble love) just for "love"...

Comment Re:car analogy... (Score 1) 84

Wrong analogy, cars make it clear that you have to take action to make your car safe. You lock it. On Windows the only "locking" mechanism obvious to the user is the login/logout. And of course to bring in another car analogy, if Windows was a car, the doors would have holes everywhere so you just put your hands in push in the right places and the doors would open, furthermore your car could be remotely unlocked with any multi-functional TV remote.

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