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Comment Re:Consultant or Manager (Score 1) 435

I don't know who the unemployed software engineers are. Possibly people living in the wrong town. I know no unemployed programmers. My office let go a few people, all of whom had new jobs lined up within 2 weeks. Of course, I mean actual software engineers who are experienced, productive, flexible, customer focused and able to have a conversation out loud with other people.

I've been wondering the same thing. My current company has recently lost people to other companies poaching our engineers. My friend manages a software dev group in Tampa and is having a hard time filling his team. He told me a couple weeks ago that he's thinking about getting out of management and back into coding because the market there is going crazy right now ($120k+ for senior software engineers).

I'm about to start a new job after being heavily recruited by a local company. The interviews (if I could call them that) were them selling me on working for them and not the other way around. They are a small company and just put together a very generous bonus program because they were losing software people to other local companies.

So yeah, where are all these senior engineers who know what they are doing and are also out of work?

Comment Re:They don't want to (Score 5, Insightful) 477

Get together with a million other geeks to throw money at this problem

This is the problem with allowing money to act as a form of 'free speech'. It's an arms race with more and more money trying to buy the 'right' laws and the people (corporations) that financially benefit from those laws will always have more money to buy more laws.

Comment Re:There's a reason you spend $39 on a dozen cupca (Score 1) 611

Heck my pantry is chock full of store-brand stuff because that's pretty much all I buy. For the most part it all tastes pretty darned close to each other.

I'm with you here. Some store brand stuff isn't very good, but at least try it to find out. It's usually so inexpensive it doesn't matter. And those shopper cards. It's a whole new game for me. Nothing even gets in the cart that isn't on sale. Not on sale means I find an equivalent and is on sale or I skip it that week. I don't have the time or desire to extreme coupon, but it is a fun game to see how much I can save on a single $100 grocery store trip. So far my best has been $42 + the 2% cash back from the AMEX :)

Comment Re:what am I missing? why is this so bad for netfl (Score 1) 325

Markets look forward. Netflix was gaining customers and are now losing customers. The new trend is down.

I'd also be curious to see the average monthly revenue per customer pre/post pricing change. It seems that many moved to the cheaper streaming only plan when the change was announced. This means Netflix lost customers and are making less on each customer they have left. Not a good thing.

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